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Best Tourist Attractions in Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul is a popular city of Turkey. It has been great city in historical time and was heart of Roman Empire. It later served as the most important capital for the Ottoman Muslim Empire.The city has lot of historical and modern tourist destinations. People of Turkey are extremely friendly for tourists and others to come there. You can get a list of the popular tourist locations of the city and maps which are relating to them. This will make your journey easier than over. You can also take the information from the locals.

Many of the passengers book cheap airline tickets from different cities of Pakistan for reaching and visiting Istanbul. They like to visit gorgeous locations of this famous international city.

List of Best Places

Rumeli Hisari Merkez

Rumeli Hisari Merkez is a fortress which is located on coast of Bosphorus. This place is very beautiful during sun rising and sunset. In winter,  there is beautiful fog. You must watch this gorgeous natural scene at the sea. It will make your journey extremely comfortable. Coffee of Turkey is also delicious which can also be drunk to get more energy and prepare for trip.

Hagia Sofya

Hagia Sophia is famous museum of Istanbul. It was constructed as mega Christian Church during time period of Roman Empire. Ottomans had converted it into mosque. Its status was changed before World War II as a museum. Excellent piece of ancient and contemporary architecture, it is only structure which has survived several years after construction. 

Kapalı Çarşı

Kapalı Çarşı is the grand market of Istanbul. Covered with very large gates from various corners, there are several excellent thousand shops located here.  You can buy each and every item. Every year millions of people visit this market. 

Süleymaniye Mosque

Suleymaniye Mosque is gorgeous worshiping mosque constructed under orders of King Suleiman of Ottoman Empire. Many people can pray at same time in this mosque.  Precious material is used in the construction. Numerous facilities were also in the phase of construction and they are called Complex. 

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace is a famous site of Turkey and it was built with help of many individuals. Precious stones and excellent material was used in construction of it. It was favorite place of Kings. Sea of Marmara can also be viewed from side of this palace. You can also take cruise ride. 

Archaeology Museum

Archaeology Museum is another place which is to visited to see ancient lifestyle which was present in Turkey. This city has been ruled by Christian and Muslims. Different people lived here and most of them have came from Central Asia. Turkey has remained as popular education and Muslim center. This museum can be reached through Gülhane Park.

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