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Top 10 Tourist Attractions Frankfurt Germany


Frankfurt is an important city of Germany and serves as a cultural capital. It is a global city which has attracted thousands of the visitors here.

Frankfurt is metropolis in the German state, located across the river Main and is compared to Manhattan of America. It becomes cardinal city because it serves as a cultural capital. Many Pakistani came here from Germany and settled down, many other culture are present there. Thousand of tourist came to visit here all-around the world. It is global hub of networking like; Education, transportation, professional fields like; banks, science and other type of intellectualism.

How to reach Frankfurt

  1. Schengen Visa is requires to reach Germany.
  2. Germany has friendly nations with Pakistan and its embassy is located in the capital of Islamabad.
  3. Visas are issued from there. You should buy travel insurance if you do not have any of the relatives who are living in Germany.
  4. Total cost of it could be around Rs. 30, 000 Euros (Term & condition apply). 
  5. Visit our website at and get more information. We have also different flight deals and promotions for the customers. Visa is also granted in some weeks before you can fly for Frankfurt.

Trip in Frankfurt

  1. Ibis Hotel can be book before reach there, so, you will not face any kind of problem for residence.
  2. The hotel is some miles away from the airport. You can easily reach great restaurant Galesburg Café. 
  3. There are many types of delicious foods which can be consumed from the famous cafe. Many of the local German foods are served there.
  4. A bike can be rented from the hotel and you can easily ride from it.

Visit Glauburg Cafe

  1. Many of the local German foods are served there. Halal food is present there; its food remains extremely hygienic and prepared from the local ingredients.
  2. A Muslim restaurant is also situated near it whose name is El-Azahar Tapas. Your must visit the city by walking or through a bike.
  3. Traffic laws are extremely strict and you might be trapped in a jam.
  4. Explore science Center is a museum of science and technology and is worth to be noted. There are many of the mathematical quizzes, items which are developed from the latest technology; Bornheim is older locality of the city which many of the historic buildings, architectures, houses and other stuff etc.
  5. Restaurants and shops were also present in this older town which existed before World War II. You learn about most of the ancient life which was present in Germany before the modernization and progression of modern time.
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