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Destinations of Lahore


Lahore is one of the best cities of the world. Most of the international travelers reach city from different areas. It is cultural capital of Asia.Different people have come to Lahore and settled.

Lahore is one of the best cities of the world. Most of the international travellers reach city from different areas. It is cultural capital of Asia. Different people have come to Lahore and settled. Most of the Pakistanis who live in other cities also think of visiting the city at once in their life.  

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Data Darbar

The greatest shrine of Asia is of Hazrat Ali Hajveri (RA) who is regarded as the saint of Lahore. Many of the people converted to Islam after his advent in Lahore. He was a great scholar of his time and has also written several of the books on the topics of Sufism. Many of the later saints had pay tribute to him in poetry and literature. Most of the notable singers also have Sufi songs in his praises.

His shrine is located in northern Lahore and is the famous area of Lahore. Thousands of devotees come from different regions to Lahore. Many of the religious conferences, events and conferences are organized there. Thousands of people order food to be prepared which is sold among the poor and needy people. Birds also live there.

You can offer nawafil, prayers, recite Darood Sharif for Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), recite Holy Quran and Surah Fatiha.

Government College University

Government College University is one of the best colleges of Lahore which were constructed by the British.

It is the oldest college of Lahore and has produced several of the notable individuals who have contributed in different fields. Allama Iqbal who is considered as the greatest scholar of Islam has also got education from there and notable teachers have taught him.

It is located near Mall Road. Different educational programs are being taught in university.  College has got status of university after independence of Pakistan. It has become cultural heritage site of Lahore.

Lahore Canal Bank Road

Lahore Canal Bank Road is the most famous and dangerous road of Lahore. It is 30 kilometres away. There are many of the underpasses which are located on the road. Some of them are Waris Shah Underpass, Liaquat Ali Khan, New Campus Underpass, Faiz Ahmad Faiz Underpass, Shah Abdul Latif Bhatti Underpass and Mughal Pura Underpass etc.  

It is illuminated with lights and there are many of the beautiful statues are present on Canal Bank Road.  

Minar-e-Pakistan and Greater Iqbal Park

Minar-e-Pakistan is located in Greater Iqbal Park. It is famous site from where Lahore Resolution was passed. Thousands people have attended this session.  

Greater Iqbal Park has been reconstructed by the Government of Pakistan and it has been designed in the most beautiful way featuring lights which are present near water and it is called dancing fountain.  

Islamic Summit Minar

Islamic Summit Minar is a unique kind of architecture which can be seen on Mall Road. It was the place from where first Islamic Conference was organized and several leaders of the Muslim nations have come to Pakistan for attending this conference. Mall Road has also other landmarks.

M.M. Alam Road

M.M. Alam Road is the famous road of Lahore which has many of the hotels and restaurants. People like to go there for the purpose of recreation and entertainment. It is named after M.M. Alam who was famous Pakistani pilot and he has fought with extreme bravery in the war.

The road remains jammed at rush hours due to which extreme flow of the traffic. Some of the restaurants are Pakistani while most of them are multinational. Brand and retail shops are also present there.

Jilani Park

Jilani Park is the largest park of Lahore. It is named after Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) who is called Greatest Saint and King of Saints however British Government changed the name of this park and called it Race Course Park. Pakistani administration did nothing and name remains same. View our most recent promotions and discounts.

Different category of flowers and plants were present in the park. There are also swings and rides for the children. Families visit the park on the weekends.

Some of the festivals and events are also organized in this park like Exhibition of Flowers, Spring Festival and others etc. The park also becomes crowded with lot of people.


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