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Lahore Museum


Lahore Museum is one of the oldest museums which are located in Lahore. It was built by the British who continue to preserve ancient heritage of India which was famous in area of Pakistan.

Lahore Museum is one of the oldest museums which are located in Lahore. It was built by the British who continue to preserve ancient heritage of India which was famous in area of Pakistan thousands of years of independence. You come to know about lives of older people who lived hundreds and thousands of years ago from us.

Lahore Museum is located on all time at famous Mall Road of Pakistan which has also many of numerous heritage sites of Indians and British. Governmental buildings are situated at the Mall Road. I advise to go early at the museum.
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Coins were the first currencies which were invented by the people of ancient times. Different empires and rulers have issued their coins to distinguish the currency from others. Notable coins are like those of Alexander when he has invaded India and conquered huge territory of it.  

View Mural of Sadequain

MURAL is a glorious painting which has been designed by great artist whose name is Sadequain. There are many of the colours in the painting however different shades have been introduced it. Visitors are attracted from it. Tourists must see this exceptional masterpiece.


Prestigious Items of Indus Valley Civilization

Indus Valley Civilization is one of the earliest civilizations which lived in the Sindh regions thousands of years before Christ.  Their cities have been destroyed by floods and other invaders like Aryans. Some of their items have been preserved in Lahore Museum are pottery, jewellery, beads, toys, arrow head and etc.

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Islamic holy books are the most important for us. First among them is the Holy Quran which is world of Allah Almighty. It has been written in many of the magnificent styles which are being preserved there and I recommend everyone to see them.

All of the Muslim rulers ordered to write Quran in the most beautiful form which can be seen in the museum. Other Islamic books are also present. Other Islamic books relating to Hadith, History, Tafseer and Fiqh are also there.


Several kind of paintings can be viewed which are called miniature.

Features of Pakistan Movement

Pakistan has not been attained easily. Large scale movement was there which included all people aspects of society and they struggled for the independence of Pakistan.

A separate section in the museum was being reserved for this purpose and you can go there.  

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