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Cheap Flights to Baghdad


Karabala is one of the holiest sites of Islam. Grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Imam Hussein (RA) have stayed there and he was matryed at Battle of Karbala with his 72 companions.

Importance of Karbala for Muslims


Karabala is one of the holiest sites of Islam. Grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Imam Hussein (RA) have stayed there and he was matryed at Battle of Karbala with his 72 companions. Most of them were of Banu Hashim and part of Ahl-Bayt and other prominent were Sahaba. Battle of Karbala is considered as greatest tragedy of the world, when enemies of Ahyl-Bait forcefully killed all of them and then mistreated them. Hazrat Ali Bin Hussein (RA), who is known as Imam Zayn al-Abidin and Sajjad only survived the battle due to his illness. Hazrat Fatima Sukayna bint Hussein (RA), Hazrat Zaynab bint Ali (RA) were taken as prisoners and they were badly treated.


Million of Muslim visit holy place of Karbala in the place of Muharram for remembrance of Ashura 9 and 10. They offer lot of prayers for the innocent and holy martyrs. Battle of Karbala is remembered all around the world to have highest moralities of Ahyl-Bait.


How to Reach There


Pilgrims have reach to Baghdad and then travel to the area of Karbala by foot as Imam Hussein (RA) have gone there.  Following of the airlines operates cheap flights to Najaf International Airport.



  • Air Arabia
  • Air Mediterranean
  • Armenia Aircompany
  • AtlasGlobal
  • Seasonal: Antalya
  • Caspian Airlines
  • Cham Wings Airlines
  • EgyptAir
  • Emirates
  • FlyBaghdad
  • FlyDamas
  • flydubai
  • flynas
  • Gulf Air
  • Iran Air
  • Iraqi Airways
  • Charter: Jeddah, Zahedan
  • Seasonal: Kutaisi, Minsk
  • Iraqi Airways
  • operated by Air Explore
  • Jordan Aviation
  • Middle East Airlines
  • Nile Air
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Qeshm Airlines
  • Royal Jordanian
  • Saudia
  • Syrian Air
  • Taban Air
  • Turkish Airlines
  • UM Airlines
  • Zagrosjet



How To Get Booking From FareMakres


There are various Flight Deals and Promotions available which can be taken for getting cheap flights to Baghdad. You can view them and get discount for various international destinations like traveling to Medina.


You can get more booking by opening and doing relevant search.



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You can enter your personal details in the second process of reservation and finally pay the price of the ticket.




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