Cheers with satisfying & wonderful travel in Turkish Airline with Faremakers. Its well comfort interior feels you like a dreamy place. It take-off up to 275 international destinations with well wishes.

Congratulations! Qatar Airways, global Air Traveling brand makes your trip luxuriate. You can approach your desire destination with tranquility, from Pakistan’s first online travel company.

Enjoy long travel with emirates first-class flight that gives best private cabin like bed-room and outstanding well-structured seats with space of shoulder & leg full of snug. Pakistan First Online Travel Company Powered By Travel Channel International (Pvt.) Ltd. Pakistan. Which is Nationwide IATA accredited company, Founded in 2003 & successfully operating the business in Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad. Our Goal is Making Travel Simple & Easy through Giving Best Travel Services all over the Pakistan.

Search Cheap Flights Only With Faremakers Mobile Apps


World of today have been revolutionized with many of the inventions. Researchers and scientists are continuing to create new objects which could be beneficial for human kind.

Importance of Mobile App In 2018

Hotels Field of information technology is very notable among professional service sectors. 21st century has seen invention of the mobile. Smart device has been more productive than the computer. It is easily carried from one place to another. Calling feature is the most essential part of it. It is used to therefore to communicate with each others and this system of electronic community has made it different from the computer. Mobile was just simple device for calling however information 

Technology was integrated into it. You can also send instant message to anyone through the phone. It is extremely used today never has been due to invention of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. It has been limited to some extent. One of biggest benefit is that you can call anyone in emergency. Mobile is more faster than computer for connecting.  You can quickly dial any number.

There are many mobile apps for booking of air tickets. Faremakers, Pakistan First Online Travel Agency has also introduced some of these apps. They help you in saving your time and money for this process. Download our Android and IOS App or buying cheap flights tickets for international or local destinations.

Benefits of Our App

Traveling has become more easy due to apps. Modern customer is different from the older one due to technological differences. Applications which are related to buying tickets are more comfortable than others. They have the following advantages over other apps. International traveling is very different from other fields of life.

Apps are developed with the technology and their speed is more than websites. Whenever you search any flight then the results are loaded by winking of an eye. Information which you need is stored in the mobile app however this is not the case of a website. It has to get loaded first and then you can see any kind of information. An app is download on your mobile and can do the same task very quickly.

Easy To Communicate

An app is the best means of communication between a business and consumer. We get remind it about the brand. Companies remain to updates their apps and and users continue to get more advantages. This feature is not also available the case of any website. They are just limited to their designing and development however an app is more better than that.

Tickets Reservation & Traveling Offers 

We provide you discounts and Promotions on the air tickets.  They are very beneficial for the customers. You can get to one or more options at a single time like if a person has to visit different places for business on pilgrimage then he can use the promotion for this purpose. Some of them give you additional advantage like buy one get one free. Airlines launch their promotions also on special occasions like Eid, Hajj, Summer Holidays and  winter holidays etc.

24/7 Customer Care Services

The largest travelling agency of Pakistan and we have offices in major cities of Pakistan. It is also a matter of distinction that a travel agency has more customer care centers to serve the customers. There are lot of selections options for the customers. You can Contact Us for having more information and knowledge regarding affairs.

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