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Let's Celebrate This Eid In London

Eid in London

Eid is the most important event of Muslims which comes twice a year which is celebrated in all countries of the world. United Kingdom is that country where fastest growing population of Muslims after America. London is the largest city of Britain and serves as a cultural center. People who lives in London, have belongs to different religions. They celebrate lot of events and festivals. Eid is thought to be largest festival in the world.

Following Sunnah for Celebration:

It is very important for the Muslims to celebrate Islamic events according Sunnah of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Following Sunnah will increase our Sawab and we can enjoy each and everything in more comfortable method. There are also some obligations on the day of Eid for Muslims.

Reciting Praise of Allah:

Takbeer is first recited before attending obligatory prayers. It is very important before and after the time of the prayer. We have to glorify Allah Who is Lord and King of Kings and creator of every creature. Darood Sharif recited in a low voice for gaining more blessings from Allah.

Attending Eid Prayer

Eid Prayer is the first ritual which is to be performed at the starting of day. Every Muslim rich or poor wear new and beautiful clothes and then reach to the mosques for reciting Takbeer. Women also attend the prayer. Imam of the mosque gives Khutbah and then all people pray to Allah for blessings and forgiveness.

Giving Necessary Sadaqa Fatir

Muslims distribute gifts to poor's and help needy, this necessary form of Zakat or Sadaqa has to be given to the needy and poor people. We have remembered them on the occasions of Eid as they can celebrate the event. It is also second obligation on the Muslims for the day of Eid.

Great Things

Greeting people is done by the government and public. Most of greetings are sent over social media and through instant messaging services. Gifts are also given to each other. It increases bond of brotherhood between rich and poor. Huge group of the families also attend various functions, events, seminars and conferences on Eid day. Eid holiday is not granted to Muslims in London but Muslims do for performing Islamic obligations.

Delicious Foods

Sweets and Delicious food dishes are being prepared on Eid day for sharing the happiness and joy of annual occasions. Females’ prepare new dishes with lot of taste on Eid for showing their talent in cooking.  Many People go to restaurants and hotels for eating various cuisines.

Sharing Happiness and Remembering Poor

Eid is a specific function for all of the people who belong to different societies. Everyone can take part equally in it. Rich takes care of the poor and giver charity to them. Many of the Islamic welfare organizations launched special event which are related with Eid. These institutions give many gifts the needy.

Eid Flight Deals

International airline companies continue to launch different promotions and discounts for the customers because international traveling increases on the occasions of Eid and on other events. London is a city that always welcome to newcomers/ immigrant. People who are living in Pakistan want to come London meet their relatives. Some of other travelers also go to London for purpose of attending seminar, events, conferences which are held simultaneously with or after Eid.

Pakistan’s first online travel company wishes everyone a very happy Eid. We notify customers about the maximum amount of promotions which are available on flight tickets. Many people reserve LHE to LHR flights for celebration Eid Day. London Heathrow airport receives maximum flights on Eid day. It is the largest airport of United Kingdom and remains extremely busy.

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