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Top Karachi Foods


Karachi is one of the biggest cities of Pakistan and has huge number of people are living there. Many of the professional service sectors have developed in Karachi. Cuisine and food of Karachi is extremely among the popular among the youth..

Karachi is one of the biggest cities of Pakistan and has huge number of people are living there. Many of the professional service sectors have developed in Karachi. Cuisine and food of Karachi is extremely among the popular among the youth. Eat delicious food is the distinctive culture of Pakistan and many efforts have also been done there to strengthen cuisine business like food streets were constructed by the government. Many of the Pakistani and foreigner Buy Online Air Tickets In Pakistan for tasting delicious foods of Karachi.

Cuisine of Karachi


Some of the famous cuisines are:

Daal Roti

It is the baking of pulses and they are eaten with the bread. This food has become integral part of Pakistani culture. It is said in many of households that, '' If there is nothing to eat then we can get Daal Roti '' This cuisine is the most simplified food which is prepared in Pakistan and is known for the diet of middle and lower class. One must eat this specific food he has specially come to Karachi including foreigners.

Juice of Sugarcane

Juice of sugar cane is extremely popular among the people of Karachi and other foreigners. You can easily find that juice at small stalls. People drink this juice in the months of summer.  


Faluda is a drink of milk which contains rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil and they are mixed with ice cream which is usually called khoya locally. The taste of this it is extremely captivating that drinkers usually come from far away areas. Faluda is sold at medium sized to large sized restaurants.

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Khulfa Faluda

The first falooda is given in the glass and is also a drink however this combines falooda with ice cream and there are two solid cubes of ice cream. It is served to the customers with sweeteners and other type of stuff in plate. It is most costly than singular faluda but finally is more tasty.

Sindhi Biryani

It is a specific kind of Biryani which has originated from the province of Sindh and is widely consumed at greatest extent in Karachi due to being the biggest city of Pakistan. Biryani in itself is a symbol of eastern cuisine. Sindhi Biryani is heavily mixed with lot of spices for making a captivating taste of the consumers. This cuisine is also available at small food stalls to large scale restaurants.  

Bun Kebab

Bun Kebab is a hamburger like stuff but the exterior is covered with very large bread. It is usually bigger than that of a normal burger. Kebab is mixed with several of other stuff. Travellers can easily eat anywhere them in Karachi where there are lot of staffs. Bun Kebab is also a distinctive food of Karachi.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka is a specific chicken which is prepared on very large iron rods and this process also takes very large amount of time but not in case of the professional restaurants as there are many people to do various tasks and customers are served easily.   


These are some of the best foods which are available in Karachi. You can buy Shaheen Tickets and Air Blue Tickets for reaching there from FareMakers. Contact us for having more information. have best category of management and deal in various travel services. our services number.

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