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Why London Fast Foods Are The Best?


Delicious food is weak point of everyone, either Americans, Indians, Pakistanis, European or Chinese they likes to eat appetizing food. There are different categories of cuisines present in the world like Pakistani, Chinese, Japanese, European, American and others etc. London is one of the strongest multi-cultural centers of the universe and it is also famous for its foods. Many of the fast foods which are locally prepared in London and are extremely popular among tourist and other people who visit London for the purpose of tourism and recreation.

Today, we will discuss some of the famous foods which are known as mouth-watering in London.

Ice Cream Cloud

It is very big ice cream which is also called Milk Train in the local spoken.  Taiwanese ice cream is mixed with specific sugar.  This specific form of sugar is called as cotton candy.  When the cone of ice cream is finally prepared then a bigger cloud of ice covers upper surface of cone.

You can choose vanilla, and green tea. These are the available flavors of Milk Train. There are cookies, popcorn and strawberries toppings and cone ice cream looks extremely delicious, it actually serves on candy floss.

Macaroni Ice Cream Cloud

These are specific category of macaroni and ice cream sandwiches. This ice cream is sold more often in London. Most of the visitors come on weekends as they are free on Saturday and Sunday, buy this cone and enjoy weather with it.

Waffle Cones

Waffles Cones are also category of ice cream which is made by combining of bubble wrap with gelato, Oreo crunch, nutella and caramel.  This ice cream was first made in China and then British Chinese introduced it to their own country.  There are three flavors of this popular ice cream cone which are simple, chocolate and milk tea. The last one consists of two items. First is Waffles Cones and other is Milk Tea. It’s too much tasty and mouth-watering item.


Doughnuts are popular western category of fast food which is available in London also.  They are specifically prepared and finally covered by toppings. There are different flavors in these doughnuts which could be vanilla, peanut butter berry and matcha tea etc.


Cupcakes are different categories of cakes which are prepared. Cakes are very popular in the world, they are sign of happiness and prepared on specific occasions like birthdays, national holidays, and religious holidays and on other occasions. Cupcakes are smaller than normal cakes but look like ice cream more often however they are not. They are mixed with delicious items.

Poke Bowls

Poke Bowls are vegetables which are specially prepared from fish, rice and quinoa etc. They are mixed with toppings are delicious. Sweet ponzu, siracha and black chilli etc. are added to these poke bowls. The restaurant which provides these services are embellished with is ocean-blue tiles and surfboards etc.


Burgers is one of the latest and well known fast food. You can also say that it is a king of fast foods.  They are prepared by different restaurants. They are available of different halal and haraam foods. Muslims immigrants and tourists can only eat halal category of burgers. There are many Pakistanis who have setup their restaurants. Chicken Cottage and Dixy Chicken are some of the famous food chains. Other popular restaurants for eating burgers are the following:

  • Brioche Burger Walthamstow
  • Burgista Bros
  • The Great Chase
  • Burger UK
  • GG's
  • Mother Clucker
  • Honest Burger
  • Meat Market
  • Baba G

These are some of the popular foods which are liked by British public.  Many of the international travelers specially book cheap flights from Lahore to London to eat delicious fast food. They can also booking from Pakistan's first online travel company because your save traveling is our first priority. We provide 24/7 free of cost customer care services because your save traveling is first priority. Reserve today cheap airline tickets and eat london delicious fast food or don't forget life is short and the world is wide.

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