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New Year Resolution and Your Preparations


New Year is the day or time at which old calendar is close as 31 December and new calendar whole year begins and once more the increment of calendar’s year. In those manners, New Year day started with 1st January.

New Year is coming and there is only one week. The day of New Year is different from normal days.  This event celebrated especially in European countries, gives honor on high level because it very remarkable for every nation. Many of the passengers travel across the world for reaching different world’s destinations and like to buy Discount Air Fare Deals  from various companies they like to do Online Ticket Reservation . There are many events, seminars, conferences which are usually held for New Year. The celebration is all around the world. Some of the events are:

  1. Night Celebration- Explosion of Fireworks
  2. Night Programs- Some of the programs are broadcaster by media channels. Other events are also held by international organizations.
  3. Resolution Programs- Events in which attendants pass their resolutions and there are different programs which are inaugurated before this.
  4. Parades- Parades are also public gatherings which are held in European and American countries.
  5. Dishes Preparation- There are many dishes which are prepared on the New Day
  6. Trees Decoration- Trees are decorated like Christmas and they are put on the public places in major countries of the world.

Resolutions of New Year

New Year Resolutions are different objectives which are passed by individuals. They are passed before eve of New Year. These resolutions are like strong aims which we make up in our lives.  We will discuss some of the best resolutions which can be passed by anyone.

  1. Resolution of Learning, Understanding Quran
  2. Resolution of Reciting More and more Durood Sharif
  3. Resolution of Learning Hadith
  4. Resolution of Forgiving Others and Finishing Quarrels
  5. Resolution of Self Assessment and Learning Good Manners

Resolution of Learning, Understanding Quran

The first resolution which is to be passed by anyone is reading, learning and acting on the Quran which is Final Revelation to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Quran is the proper guideline for all the humans by Allah Almighty. Learning, reading and teaching Quran to others is extremely beneficial in this life, Barazah (life between Deaths) and Permanent Life of Heaven after Judgment Day.  It does not mean that the teacher should adopt luxurious life. He should live according to sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).  It is narrated in a hadith:

“The Best of You Are Those Who Learn Quran and teach it.”  Sahih Bukhari 5027

“Allah has His own people among mankind.” They said: “O Messenger of Allah, who are they?” He said: “The people of the Qur’an, the people of Allah and those who are closest to Him.

Resolution of Forgiving

We should forgive on the last day of the closing Year and meet them with friendly style on the first day of New Year. Finishing quarrels and fights is one of the greatest acts of worship and good manners.  We should begin this Year with positive aims and objectives.  This resolution made for everyone.

Resolution of Self

We should do our self assessment and make an objective of learning good manners. If every human being makes this resolution of their life then the whole world will become comfortable , peaceful and brother-hood again maintain in best way as guide us by our Messenger (P.B.U.H).

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