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List of Most Popular Activities To Be Done on New Year


Celebrate New Year by giving gifts to others.

There is only one day left for New Year. People are also preparing for activities of New Year. There are two components of New Year. They are New Year Eve which starts afternoon till dawn of 1st January. The day of 1st January is called New Year Day. Air Traveling also increases in this time period. People like to go to different countries of the world like meeting their family members, starting a new job and business. Other travelers also go for the purpose of doing pilgrimage like Umrah etc. Discounted Air Fares are provided by various companies and customers also like to Online Air Ticket Reservation.

We have also made list of some activities which are to be done by everyone.

List of Activities To Be Done

Recitation of Quran

Eve of New Year should started by recitation of Holy Quran which is the latest and Final Testament revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Words of Holy Quran give us spiritual comfort because it is the word of Allah Almighty. There are numerous advantages for recitation of Holy Quran. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had also taught us to learn and acts on noble words of Holy Quran.

Recitation of Durood Sharif

Durood Sharif is extremely important for everyone. Recitation of Durood Sharif has been emphasized in Holy Quran. Durood Ibrahim is only true Durood which has been told by our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is narrated in Tirmidhi that reciter of Durood gets ten rewards from Allah Almighty and his ten good deeds are written. Durood Sharif should be recited more and more on 31st December 2017.

Praying for New Year

Prayers are very important for New Year. We have to make our plans and resolutions for New Year. Praying is extremely necessary in this regards. We should pray to Allah Almighty for our guidance to right path, health of all human beings. We also pray that Allah Almighty should finish everyone's’s problems. May He grant us power of living happily with others? We also have to pray for our better financial life because economic problems are major source of destruction between families, smaller companies, multinational brands, governments and states.

Making Positive Resolution

We have to make our plans and resolutions for New Year. Resolutions are very important for us. We take care of our assessment in the previous year and then set goals for New Year. We can set very positive goals in life like learning and teaching Quran, starting up our own business, teaching education and other positive category of goals. A year in life is very important aspect of life.

Sharing Happiness

People also like to celebrate their happiness with others. They meet their relatives, friends, family, colleagues and business partners. Delicious dishes are prepared for celebration of New Year. People also like to go to restaurants, shopping malls and other public areas for celebration with their families. Government, Military and other private organizations have their own functions. There are also several other visitors. You should also celebrate New Year Eve and Day with positive aspects.

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