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Celebrating Winter in SouthBank Centre


Buy Affordable Air Tickets and Have A Trip to SouthBank Center.

The month of winter has just arrived and the temperature started falling. The month of December has been started and birth date of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was celebrated on 1st December 2017 and 12 Rabi al-Awwal has just passed few days ago. 

December has also important event which comes at end of month which is birth date of Prophet Isa bin Maryan (Jesus Christ). Celebration of Christmas is disputed among Christians and Muslims as many scholars argue about the date of 25 December however birthday is celebrated all over the world despite fact of this controversy. 

SouthBank Centre is an important of London city which becomes source of international tourism. Visitors specially arrive there. Most of them come from other European countries like Germany, Russia, France and Italy etc. Other tourists also reach from American countries like United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile and from other countries etc.  

SouthBank Centre is a larger portion of United Kingdom which was constructed after the end of World War 2. First Celebration was held in the year of 1951.

The city is one of the largest visitor avenues and has an area of more than 21 acres.   There are some of the historical locations also which can be seen before entering SouthBank Centre. They are as follows: 

1. Jubilee Gardens 
2. Waterloo Bridge

Jubilee Gardens

Jubilee Gardens are the group of public parks which were built in the year of 1977 due to anniversary of British Queen Elizabeth which is called Jubilee and it is celebrated after 25 years of ascension to throne by British Queen. Many of the tourists gather in this park for spending a natural time period in this park.    
Waterloo Bridge

Waterloo Bridge is a popular and historical which was constructed after victory of British and their allies against Napoleon in 1815 in a famous battle which was held at place where this bridge is situated. Pedestrians can also walk on this bridge. There are now two bridges. Motor vehicles can cross it very easily. 
SouthBank Centre and Attractions

Christmas Markets Start in the Month of December

Christmas Markets are specially organised in the month of December so that customers should buy maximum number of items for Christmas. Rush also increases in this month because people also celebrate New Year After Christmas. Many of them buy new clothes for themselves and their families, friends, colleagues and business partners. Gifts are also bought from these markets for giving them on the day of Christmas. Items for winter can be specially found from the shops.

Fast food is also especially famous for this market and there are unique categories of cuisines available. People like to eat different food when they visit any food. Make sure to eat halal food as every kind of food is present in the market. Halal and Haraam are combined together in this market so verify before eating any delicious kind of cuisine.   

Attend Slava's Snowshow

Slava's Snowshow is a musical and circus oriented show which is performed by Slava Polunin. It has become extremely popular among the children. Tickets are booked in advance and lot of visitors arrive at the time of this show. 
Read Books in National Poetry Library Book Club

London has produced many notable poets throughout the history which are T. S. Eliot, John Keats, William Shakespeare, Alfred Tennyson, William Wordsworth, Wilfred Owen, Philip Larken and Thomas Handy. They have impact great impact on modern and Western literature. Their ideas have become topics for thesis in English literature and language. 

There are several books available in this area and you can get enough time for reading them if you like literature most.  

Buy From Festival Terrace and Royal Festival Hall

Festival Terrace and Royal Festival Hall are popular places which is located in SouthBank area. If you are visiting this place for the purpose of tourism and sightseeing but they also want to buy some tasty category of food items in this market which are best for them. Gifts can also be bought and then given to others. 

Attending Hearing Workshop

This is a specific category of workshops which educates visitors about the importance of hearing. Notable guests are also invited and they brief on various topics relating to education and sense of hearing. It can be very informative for everyone.       

Eat Delicious Cuisine from South Bank Center Food Market

Food Market of SouthBank is extremely popular among the visitors. There are thousands of visitors which come to this place for the purpose of eating and enjoying time with their friends and family. It remains as the busiest portion of SouthBank area.

These are some tourist points and events which are held in SouthBank Centres. Many of the visitors from Pakistan also arrive there. They travel from Lahore to London. FareMakers provide cheap flight tickets for various airlines.

Choose Affordable Air Tickets For Having a Trip of SouthBank Centre

Our company is full travelling and tourism service provider. We are also the largest one in Pakistan and has made travelling by air extremely easy for everyone. FareMakers also deal in numerous airlines of the world and can easily provide best fares to the customers.  

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