Faremakers Annual Award Distributions Ceremony 2018


Travel Channel Faremakers International Pvt Ltd has announced its annual award ceremony on the 21st January 2018. It is one of the most important ceremony which is held by Faremakers and organized in Sapphire Hall Garden Town Lahore.

The Annual Award Ceremony starts with recitation of the Holy Quran and Chief Executive Officer of Faremakers, Asif Naseer Khara briefs the employees about the achievement of the company which is held in the previous years. He also highlights important strategies which should be adopted by the managers and employees.

Employees are granted shields and bonuses for increasing their motivation purposes. Number of the teams have increased the overall employee capacity of the company however management seems to take care of each and every employee which is very good source of cooperation between higher administration.

Individual employees also share their opinions and performances of the year in the annual event. Those who have joined the company recently have a better chance of learning from this function about norms and values of the company. They also share their experience with new employees during the event.

Annual Dinner is held at end of the ceremony. News of this function is also featured in traveling magazine and newspaper. 

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