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Enjoy Latest Events at Dubai With Faremakers

dubai skyline

Dubai is one of the most excellent places located on Earth. Being famous as a middle level town in 1960s, the city rose to international stardom and fame after the ruler Sheikh Muhammad decided to diversify economy of the city from different resources. Several national and international companies were set up and the city became million dollar region in world.

Government of Dubai also knows importance of foreign workers therefore many laws have been made to attract  highly specialized people who are living abroad can easily come to city and work there. Visa of Dubai also be accessed easily and you can go there for finding jobs which are relevant to your skill.

Once arrived in Dubai, there are lot of opportunities and enjoyments for your life. Law is strictly enforced and any person which breaks the law is strictly punished. It is very good example of peace and tranquility in the city.

Islam is the main religion in the city. Sharia laws are implemented throughout United Arab Emirates. Citizens follow five important obligations of Islam which are Prayer, Fasting, Alms-Giving, Pilgrimage. Life in Dubai is composed of mixed Islamic and modern culture. Many of the multinational companies have their regional offices located in tax free zones.

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List of Most Popular Events Held in Dubai

Dubai Shopping Festival (Date: 26 December – 27 January 2018)

Dubai Shopping Festival is the main festival of Dubai. It is one of the largest festivals which are held there. Millions of tourists from different countries of the world arrive there for doing shopping and to feel the culture of Dubai.

Many of the national and international brands participate in this famous festival. Discounts and promotions are also launched on major retail items. Customers are likely to buy most of their favorite items. The students also announce their deals so that get maximum numbers of people could eat delicious food.

Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championship (Date: 19 February- 3 March 2018)

Tennis Championship is held from 19 February 2017 till 3 March 2018. It is an event when highly specialized tennis professionals come to Dubai for attending this major Championship. It is held in Free Tennis Stadium which has major state of art facilities for the audience.  It has been ranked as the best by ATP World Tour. Audiences gather there for watching this furious competition. 
Taste of Dubai is one of the biggest food festivals which are held in Dubai. 

Dubai Food Festival (Date: 22 February-10 March 2018)

It continues for 3 days. Each and every restaurant of Dubai participates in this well known appetizing event. Public is more likely to reach restaurants and hotels on the days of this festival. Gifts and prices are also given to the customers. 
Food enthusiasts are likely to visit different tourist attractions. They feel enjoyed while eating delicious food and share positive thoughts.

Dubai International Boat Show (Date: 27 February 3 March 2018)

Dubai International Boat Show is a global event which is relating to water transportation. Outclass boats and ships are displayed on higher exhibition. It is also very informative and educational festival.

Taste of Dubai (Date: 08-10 March 2018)

Taste of Dubai is major food festival which is like Food Festival. Discount and promotions are also available on major restaurants and hotels. Different cuisine making competitions are also held. This event also attracts worldwide attention. Delicious food and drinks are available for consuming. 

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature (Date: 02-10 March 2018)

Literature is very important and it is also a part of the culture of any society. This festival is held from 2nd March-10 March 2018.  Books, writers, stories, poetry, education are the main topics of this festival. It is sponsored by Emirates Airline which is largest airline in the world.

Dubai World Cup 2018 (Date: 31 March 2018)

Dubai World Cup is largest horse race of the world which is held in end of 2018. Horses are available in abundance in Dubai. They were means of transportation in the past times. Horse Racing World Cup attracts lot of national and global attention. Jockey ride on highly trained horses that are given extensive training for this single race.

STEP Conference 2018 (Date: 28-29 March 2018)

STEP Conference is a global technology event. It is held for 2 days however many outstanding entrepreneurs, financiers, web designer, web developer, marketer, software developer and media professionals participate in this multicultural event for gaining insights and happenings the field of information Technology. They like to talk about social media, application development, online journalistic media, and software development and on other topics.

Exhibitions relating to IT are also held there.

GITEX Shopper (Date: 03-07 April 2018)

GITEX Shopper is the best sales festival for electronics and digital equipment. Largest multinational brands participate in this event. There are several stages of this major event like promotions and discounts are launched on these smart electronics. Some of the newest and smart devices are also launched in this major event. You will find all of the major multinational brands in this popular event.

Last Ramazan Night Shopping Festival (Date: June 2018- TBC)

Last Night of Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims because it is an advent of Eid-ul-Fitr. It is also the busiest shopping festival in the world. People have to buy different items for Eid. This might include clothes, perfumes, jewelry, electronics, gadgets, health and beauty products etc.

Eid in Dubai-Eid Al Fitr 2018 (Date: 14-16 June 2018)

Eid is the largest Muslim festival. There are also two types of Eid. Smaller occurs in the end of Ramzan and bigger Eid is celebrated on 10th Dhil-Hajj of Islamic calendar. Eid is celebrated for 3 or 4 days. It is also called Festival of Sacrifice. Lot of minor events occurs during days of this greater festival.

Everyone is united and give congratulations to each other on days of Eid. Public does lot of activities during the holidays of Eid. They go to recreational places, eat from delicious restaurants and play lot of games. Recitation of Holy Quran and Darood Sharif can also be done to get blessings of Allah Almighty. 

CityScape Global (Date: 2-4 October 2018)

CityScape Global is major property event which attract attention of the real estate developer, financier, architects, construction designers and other individuals who are affiliated with this industry. It has been conducted in Dubai for more than a decade.

GITEX Technology Week (Date: 14- 18 October 2018)

GITEX Technology Week is a major technology which is usually held in starting of October. Numerous information technology companies participate in this greater event. Electronic companies display their hardware while others elaborate their services. This event is held for 5 days.

Dubai Motor Festival 2018 (Date: November 2018)

Dubai Motor Festival is largest display of super-cars and related vehicles.  550+ cars are put on display for visitors. 100+ global and local brands participate in it. Concept cars are also available in it. This festival receives attention of more than 1 million visitors who arrive from various countries. News of this global event is covered by 1000 channel. Huge amount of space is allocated for this bigger event.

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Great! I am happy that I could visit Dubai during the season of all the major Festivals (January - March). Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Food Festival, International Boat show and now Taste of Dubai too. I am enjoying every minute of my Dubai visit and Dubai is simply amazing!
I just loved the DFF 2018 including The beach canteen, The MOE Food Tales etc. Also I won 1000 AED at the MOE Food Tales by Mall of the ( ).
I wish to celebrate Eid in Dubai, probably the next year.



Great! I am happy that I could visit Dubai during the season of all the major Festivals (January - March). Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Food Festival, International Boat show and now Taste of Dubai too. I am enjoying every minute of my Dubai visit and Dubai is simply amazing!
I just loved the DFF 2018 including The beach canteen, The MOE Food Tales etc. Also I won 1000 AED at the MOE Food Tales by Mall of the Emirates ( ).
I wish to celebrate Eid in Dubai, probably the next year.


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