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Best International Destination in 2018 for London to Lahore Travelers

Tourism in Pakistan

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Masha Allah,  2018 has started for Pakistanis with happy news that British Backpackers Society have labeled Pakistan is top tourist destination for 2018. 2001 has begun with United States War in Afghanistan and Pakistan was also called extremist country by international media which has deeply impacted traveling industry. Several Lahore to London Flights were cancelled at that time. Information technology in the country has once again traveling industry of Pakistan to popularity.

Samuel Johnson and Adam Sloper are two important members of British Backpackers Society and they were lucky to visit 110 countries of the world and were attracted to naturally beautiful areas of Northern Areas of Pakistan which receive majority of tourists in the world.  They have taken a trip to Karakoam Highway.

It is one of the mountain routes and China has taken part in development of this road. They have also taken a trip to Attabad Lake which is one of the best lakes in the world. Area of lake is covered with mountains. Snow covers these mountains in winter and they look extremely beautiful. Natural reflections of mountains and other landscape in water look extremely gorgeous.  Suban Allah.

These guys have also visited Babusar Pass which is located along Kaghan Valley and it is one of the exceptional natural places on Earth. They have given positive remarks to the foreign tourists who wish to visit Pakistan for the purpose of traveling and tourism. The guys have given final remarks

“Our advice would be to put preconceptions on the security situation in Pakistan to one side, and conduct some independent research. You should certainly review travel advisories from respective governments, but also speak to local Pakistanis about the situation”

“We believe that travel is at its best when it changes a visitor’s preconceptions, and few experiences achieve this more than travelling in Pakistan”

British Backpackers Society is one of the largest traveling organizations in United Kingdom. They have 7.9 thousand likes on Facebook. The organization serves as trendsetter for young travelers and tourists who want to visit different countries of the world.

Pakistan is also an important country on the Earth.  It is situated on crossroads of East and West and is only nuclear armed Muslim state in the world. Culture of Pakistan is mixed with Islamic and western values.

Wish you best of luck for traveling to Pakistan

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