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Why Traveling From Islamabad To Dubai

Traveling To Dubai

Islamabad is one of the best cities of Pakistan. It is third most important city after Pakistan after Karachi and Lahore. Islamabad is also global city which attracted worldwide attention. Located on the base of Margalla Hills, many beautiful natural locations are also present there like Daman-e-Koh and Pir Sohawa.
High level educational institutions could also be found in the city of Islamabad.  There are also several tourist locations like Faisal Mosque, Pakistan Monument and Democracy Square etc.

Traveling From Islamabad To Dubai

Arabian lands and western culture, Dubai is an international and most famous city of United Arab Emirates. It has seen this massive expansion in a couple of years ago, the city has become a symbol of worldwide culture and global travelling.
Professionals from all over the world have came and settled in the city for the purpose of employment and business. Most of them have become important economic contributors which have led to prosperity there. Life in Dubai is combined of Muslim and western values. Global international ranking organisations have ranked it in the top list of best cities for living in the world.
You have to fly from Benaizr Bhutto International Airport which is major airport of Islamabad.  Different airlines start their journey from there. It almost takes 4 hours to reach  from Islamabad to Dubai.
Flight Deals and Promotions are also available. You can book many more international destinations.
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Pakistan International Airlines
  • Etihad Airways
  • Saudi Arabian Airline
You must log on and reserve cheap air tickets without any hassle. Contact our offices in Islamabad. They are ready to provide you tickets at your doorstep. We also have also riders.

Islamabad Office

Office No. 6, Shahid Plaza
Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area
Islamabad, Pakistan
UAN : (051) 111-147-111
Phone : 0800-00747

Islamabad  Bahria Town

Office No. 8, Ground Floor, Plaza No. 139, Phase IV,Civic Center,Bahria Town
Islamabad, Pakistan
UAN : (051) 111-147-111
Phone : 0800-00747

Reasons of Traveling to Dubai

Dubai! A dream destination for many people. It is a common question which comes in mind of international audience. There are several factors behind it. Economy is the major reason. There are also other answers of this question?

Climate of Dubai

Dubai has one of the hottest climates on the Earth. Temperature rises to many degrees in the months of summer people like to go to tourist destinations in the city. Many of the important skyscrapers and other corporate building are fully air conditioned.
Dubai International Airport is also air conditioned so that the passengers can easily travel to local and international destinations. It becomes very difficult in summer months. The city receives rainfall in some months like February and March.
The winter does not have very cooler temperature especially after rise of global warming. Winter also comes for lesser period of time.  

Government of Dubai

The city is governed by Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid who is the Emir of Dubai and is the absolute ruler. Federal National Council is a parliamentary category which has elected Emirati citizens as members.
Interestingly, Government of United Arab Emirates is only unique government which is Minister For Happiness, Minister of Tolerance, Minister of Youth Affairs which are welfare category of posts created for the public.

Internationalism and Culture

Culture of Dubai is mixed of Arabian and Western values. Some elements of Islam are also included in it which is rites and festivals. Society has become hugely westernized as love of wealth and money is extremely prevalent.
Various welfare initiatives have also been given by Government of United Arab Emirates. Tourism is highly prevalent and people like to visit various natural and man made locations. International citizens have also brought their national values in Dubai.

Economy of Dubai

Economy of Dubai is also one of the strongest in the world. Many of the professional sectors are developed there and lot of opportunities is available for individuals. Various types of companies are also present like multinationals, medium sized corporation and small business owners are also present there.
Real Estate and Property, Construction, Diamonds, Gold, Industry and Manufacturing are the main sectors which are present in Dubai.
These sectors are some of the largest what is operating in United Arab Emirates Much of the global workforce is employed in these sectors of the global workforce is employed in those sectors.
Following sectors are largest ones. 
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Medical
  • Engineers
  • Information Technology
  • Retail
  • Aviation
  • Restaurant
  • Public Relations Managing Director
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Call Centre Manager
  • Human Resources
  • Engineering
  • Education 

Transportation Mediums

Transportation in the city is one of the fastest and most advanced. There are many means of transportation like rail, cars, trains and boats. Government of United Arab Emirates is doing more efforts to make transportation easier for the common people.
Cars are found in abundance and they are main source of transportation for the  drivers. Dubai has very high speed roads so driving there is very easy and many people are found to have cars of their own.
Taxis are also available which can be used to read particular destinations. The city is served by high speed Dubai Metro Rail. Passengers go on board for reaching far away areas of Dubai. Automatic mono rails are available and they are important component of Dubai Metro. Attendants are present there in the case of handling any emergency.
Dubai has busiest international airport in the world. It receives million of visitors from around the globe.
Emirates Airline is the largest airline in the world. It operates Cheap Flights to 149 international destinations. Passengers can travel in economy, business and first class. The airline has received major global awards by traveling and tourism organizations around the world.  

Education and Healthcare

Dubai enjoys world class educational facilities. Arabic and western education both is available and the students can easily choose their universities or colleges. Many such institutions have been founded by local Emirati intellectuals and business people.
It is the only city which has largest number of western style educational institutes which are particular American and British universities American University in Dubai, American University in the Emirates, British University in Dubai, Canadian University of Dubai, Cass Business School, European University College Brussel, Hutt International Business School, London Business School.    
Only two public universities and colleges are found in Dubai.
Healthcare in Dubai has also been ranked as best in the world. There are 40 hospitals in Dubai. Health is regulated by Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Healthcare City, Ministry of Health.
Government is also building economic free Healthcare City for attracting worldwide medical attention. Temporary workers have to get health care from their company so that they could enjoy medical benefits.

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