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Pakistan Is Becoming First Choice For Food Lovers


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Pakistan! This was founded on the base of “La ilaha illallah” that’s why; it is more glamorous and sublime. Pakistan has very blessed country due to a rich cultural diversity, four season bounties and most delicious spices which make the food taste more darling. Furthermore, it attracts million of food lovers in the Pakistan and through it; they can reserve Flights From Pakistan to the further domestic cities to touch the mouthwatering items. Might be many viewers think like that! How food can bind anyone or forced him to travel again and again in one country? But the victim of Pakistani food can easily reply you with the authentic reasons. The food or meal of our country is the group of substances consumes to provide nutritional or immune system support for an organism.

It extract from the animals (meat) and plants like in the form of herb or shrubs which contains nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals) but when it all added in the Pak sar zameen traditional ingredients then it make all the tourists addicted of it. Our multiple variety of cuisine has the power of hypnotism, it can easily hypnotized the eater through its pure and full of love dishes because the Pak-land meal is rich packed of spices or ingredients with generous ghee make the taste buds habitual of this type of delightful food.

Travel VS Food:

Both are inter-relating with each other because traveling (for foreigners) gives you the opportunity to meet the beautiful and fancy taste. The growing numbers of food lovers in Pakistan contribute the massively to the Pakistan economy because our land, now form of an integral part of developed sectors, thus visitors should come as tension free, that there are countless restaurants who owned by the many patrons with the appetizer taste. Our mission is to add value to your food, and dining experiences through immersive, engaging content across our social and digital traveling platform, get ready for some real traditional Pakistani flavor and regional specialties which announce Pakistan is the first choice of food lovers. Try to avail all Pakistan’s specialty under one stop.

“The Pakistani food is the Ingredient that binds the foreigners and locals together”

Must Read: Top Karachi Foods

1. Kabuli Pulao:

Kabuli Pulao is the famous dish of Kabul (capital of Afghanistan) North Western border of Pakistan. The combination of ingredients is (rice, ghee, onion, pure Pakistani dry spices, meat, saffron, all cloves, peanuts, and pistachios) make it perfect for the taste buds. On the final look, its smell is very gorgeous and yummy; presentation of serving is fabulous, when it offers at the lunch time.

2. Haleem:

Haleem is very famous dish in dual cities, Lahore and Karachi equal. It’s cooked with the wheat, barley, Channa, the addition of meat, onion, mint leaves, dry chilies and at the top, garnish ginger, and green masala with chat masala and lemon juice. It is full of calories, which used in breakfast with Naan or during lunch too. The western visitors enjoyed this tasty dish by the heart.

3. Mutton Korma:

Mutton korma is the pure cuisine of province Punjab. The Punjab cuisine is un-complete without it. It is mandatory. It cooked in the korma curry tender sheep chunks, red blend spices. It served with the bread with beautiful red gravy color. If you are in Pakistan, then just confirm your PIA Online Flights Booking In Lahore and go to eat it at any restaurant of Lahore. Once you eat it, and then trust us! You used to lick your fingers continuously.

4. Sahi Bhaji Rice:

Sahi Bhaji rice is the Province Sindh famous dish. It is the combination of green Palak and rice. It served with the white Steamed rice with the spinach curry that finalized by the Tarka (making it, in heated oil, add tomatoes, onions and garlic or ginger).

5. Harissa & Chapshurro:

Both are different dishes of Gilgit Baltistan and very famous in this region. These dishes served on the happy occasions, wedding function and celebrations.

Chapshurro is made with the combination of onion, peppers, tomato, fresh coriander leaves and the chopped meat of lamb or beef. The outlook if this dish is full of mouthwatering and awesome aroma attracted the food lovers. While Harissa is also fantastic because it cooked in very fine style and prepared in the butter by adding wheat, meat and also mini Kabab added in it to enhance its taste.

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