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Travel Guide - 48 Hours In Hunza, Pakistan


If you’re looking for a trip to Hunza Valley (This mountainous valley located in the Gilgit region of Pakistan), look no further because Pakistan’s first online Travel Company offers you Hunza valley trip that you can explore in the 48 hours. Hunza Valley is famous as the heaven on the earth because it has different ravishing and beauteous natural sights, this Valley tourism is on the rise with trips, tours and travel packages to Hunza prominently featuring some of the most picturesque locations in Pakistan such as the famous Eagles Nest and historical landmarks. Furthermore, based from Karimabad, you can explore scenic routes all the way up past Sost to Khunjerab and the Pak-China Border. It is not just famous for its beautiful sights, infect, it is famous for the hospitality and the sociability of this natural valley people too.

Might be possible, a few of them think that 48 hours is not enough for the tourists to explore this paradise, but everything can be possible if these hours designed under the experts then you can explore maximum Hunza within 2 days. WOW, Its really great trip because now we will guide you how can you enjoy 48hours without wasting money. So, trust us, and first of all ensure your affordable Serene Air Ticket Price because it promotes the domestic tourism and it positively consumes your time. Let’s make your travel diary for 48 hours in Hunza because we mention below you can enjoy the trillions of hues in its cherry blossom season with exploring the further sightseeing’s.

First Day:

1st day journey started from the breathtaking sceneries around the Karakoram highways, used to continue of long travel you will aware from the high mountain agriculture with the follow the old southern silk road.

Then 60 kilometers from Gilgit you will meet with the soak of Karimabad (where the Indian Subcontinent plate collides), which is famous for its local handicrafts and you can enjoy the delicious lunch there.

After it you can visit the Baltit and Altit Fort. The Baltit fort has been turned into heritage museum. Move to the cobbled streets, there the local Hunza houses and the citizens welcomed you and share with you the tales of life prior to the opening of the Karakoram Highway. Enjoy the eye catching view of sunset over the Rakaposhi.

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Second Day:

In the second early morning, the bright sun welcomes you with morning vibes, after the breakfast, just become ready to explore lakes and hiking. You can enjoy boat rides at the beautiful Attabad Lake, view the Passu Cones and traverse the thrilling Hussaini. All these give you the fresh view the go onward to the Gulmit in the Gojal Valley- surrounded by mountains, glaciers & Attabad Lake.

Then must locate the Al-Amyn school where teaching the local Wakhi language and even focus on the linguistic heritage of this spot. The walk to the Mir Hunza home that now converted into the women’s carpet weaving purposes. Now lunch time calls you surround the Borith Lake with the picturesque of Ultra peak, after it walk to the Passu Glacier, then move back to the residence place and take your flight to back your home.


No doubt, the heaven on the earth is clean and very safe, tourists Communicate with the locals easily because the literacy rate is more 90% there (people are more educated) if you ask any query from them, they respect you and guide you properly and if they ask you questions, they just want to learn from you.

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