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PIA Adding Flights On New International Routes


Pakistan International Airline nominated as first flag carrier airline of Pakistan. The year 2019 brings very successful bounties for the PIA business, in this fortunate year; Pakistan’s chief flight takes most initiative steps, which proof fruitful for this airline. This airline has approximately 32 airships, each day these airships run about 110 to 120 flights. But according to the sources of National flag carrier manager in Oman, the new destinations have been added to the PIA existing routes. Therefore, PIA decided to few airships are added, then it will also increase the number of flights, it will become 36 planes from the 32. Due to the more flights, passengers easily get PIA Airline Online Ticket Reservation according their desire schedule on the Yes, it is great achievement in the Aviation Industry. Keep your eyes on the blog because we going to share with you the Pakistan International Airline adding flights on new international routes.


Pakistan International Airline has started its two international routes since in April 2019 and these routes are Lahore to Muscat and Islamabad (the capital city of Pakistan) to Muscat with the improved services. Yes, it’s a great effort! The Pakistan flights bound the routes and operate its flight from Lahore to Muscat on April 4, 2019, while it operates its first flight from Islamabad to Muscat international route on April 23, 2019. The management of this airline also announced that flights operate three times a week for both courses. On the other hand! PIA picks the passengers from the Muscat International airport to Peshawar once in a week and runs two weekly flights from Muscat to different sectors of Pakistan including, Sialkot, Turbat, and Gwadar.

Award In Oman:

Even the Pakistan international airline has won the longest operating carrier achievement/award in the state of Oman, an avenue the Oman Airport Award 2019.

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Damman & Saudi Arabia:

September 19, 2019, PIA operated its first flight from Peshawar (KPK) to the Damman, and now, it planned to operate its next flight to Peshawar to the Medina while it will also plan to add further seven flights for the Jeddah route from all over Pakistan. Increase flights to the holy country are one of the blessings because Muslims easily approach there for the spiritual trip.

From the October 28, 2019 approximately two weekly flights will be operated between the Quetta and Jeddah.

The capital city of the Saudi Arabia Riyadh is also bound in the new route of the flag carrier airline. Yes, from Multan each flight operates to the Riyadh.


According to sources, almost two flights will be operating in Toronto from the Karachi. In this manner, it will operate about five PIA flights in a week.


Malaysia is also adding destination in the PIA airline list, but actually, before the closure, Lahore and Karachi provide the services to the Malaysia aircrafts. It has resumed operated its flight to Kuala Lumpur from the Islamabad International Airport since 14, October2019. The national flag carrier operated two direct flights between Islamabad and Kuala Lumpur in a week.


This airline already operated its flights from Sialkot to the Sharjah and also takes steps that one flight will be operated from Multan to the Dubai.

Furthermore Sectors:

The PIA will also increase the number of flights from Islamabad to Birmingham, you will be avail PIA Airline Online Ticket Reservation for this sector very soon. It is going to launch flights on Sialkot to Barcelona and even Lahore to Bangkok sectors.

Contact Us:

We are happy because our country flag carrier gets encouraged result in the concern of the adding new international routes. In this way, the total revenue generate at the high level as from the previous score and along it our country’s aviation Industry also promote in the global village. For further details you can visit our website and call us for any flight reservation on the (111 147 111) or follow online reservation procedure without any hesitation because we are active 24/7 hours.

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