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Things To Do In Baku With Cheap Tour Packages


Are you ready to visit Baku with the complete Cheap Tour Package? Definitely, yes, Therefore brings the proper information about the Baku “the capital of the Azerbaijan and Baku is an oil-rich city and, No doubt, Azerbaijan was the prominent world exporter at the beginning of the 20th century,” to its all customers because we just want to make your travel easy, simple and transparent with cheap online reservation.

Baku is located in the East of the country, near the Caspian Sea. Azerbaijan’s neighboring countries like Georgia and Armenia relate to the West, while Russia touches to the North and Iran touch to the South. This country shares access to the Caspian Sea with Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Iran. Baku is a blend of the ancient and new tough city, where 15th-century palaces jarringly innovative examples of 21st-century modernism. After being the spot of convergence Ottoman, Persian, and Russian/Soviet-type of several empires Azerbaijan has absorbed a lot. It’s now an open-air museum showcasing archeological findings result. In short, Baku is, in a nutshell, tradition mashing up against modernity, for better or worst. So, pack your bags to explore the oil-rich city with us by dialing (111 147 111).

Shirvanshahs Palace:

The Shirvanshahs royal residence was worked in the fifteenth century by the Shirvanshahs and UNESCO called it "the pearls of Azerbaijan's engineering". It is located in the walled inner city of the Baku which is consists of the hammam, a mosque for the prayers, a living quarters, a minaret and a mausoleum. Tourists and locals can get a glimpse of this palace and luxurious Flame towers all just in one click when you turn around in the courtyard for an intriguing view where modern meets medieval.

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Caspian Sea Cruise:

We suggest to the traveler, don’t miss the Caspian Sea cruise, if you really want to enjoy the Baku. It is only a better way to see the dreamy evening skyline with this cruise. The center of the Baku Boulevard its terminal held and this cruise goes into the bay for about one hour only; the glowing Flame Towers and the sparkling city of Baku are the main highlights.

Bilgah Beach:

Majority of the Baku’s beaches suffering oil pollution. But one of the clean beaches in this capital you able to found 65 km northeast to Bilgah. This beach has clean sand where visitors can get admission is free and they can use the sun bed against the small money.


This city has food which you can easily eat. Traditional foods are served with a very delicious presentation at a very affordable rate. People prefer to Azerbaijan’s cuisine due to the yummiest taste. All the restaurants are very affordable including the Dolma Restaurant Baku and Firuza restaurant both are also amazing with the home made hubs and ingredients.

Further Exploring Locations:

A lot of place you can enjoy with your friends and family because if you discuss about weather , than just we say Baku weather increases your interest of traveling and Shirvanshahs’ Palace, the Maiden Tower, Martyrs’ Lane, And Flame Towers, City Boulevard, History Museum, Absheron National Park and a lot of other places, no doubt really so beautiful. As we know Cheap Tour Packages always cut down travel expenses as a good traveler must schedule your next travel plan to Baku without wasting more time.

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