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Tourism Is Booming In Pakistan


Gallup Pakistan Reveals Tourism Is Booming In Pakistan

It’s a different article as compare to others, but don’t worry about it; Faremakers (that is, easily approaches almost 5k plus international or domestic destination with many affordable fare and travel packages or complete services) will guide you about this information. One of the most important questions is what Gallup is and what the mean? Let’s ready because each and everything we will guide you in this blog. Related to the travel or tourism news, we forward to you because over time travel and tourism becoming a very crucial part of our country or country’s economic growth.

Gallup Report:

Let’s discuss this report, as a Pakistani, it’s great news for us, Gallup Pakistan, affiliated to the Gallup International Association, is a research organization lounged this report on 22, August 2019. A report is about Cultural Heritage and Museum Visits in Pakistan. According to the report, tourist traffic has increased noticeably and has a good impact on the economy of the country.

Moreover, the report said that tourism at cultural sites has experienced a significant increase since the year 2014. From approximately 1.6 million visitors in 2014, the tourist traffic at cultural sites rose to 6.6m visitors in 2018, which is a 317 percent increase in five years. As for Punjab, it is the largest and most populated province that contributed around 95pc whereas tourist traffic in Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa fluctuated over the years. It is a big achievement in the tourism sector.

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Museums And Cultural:

Pakistan Monument Museum in Islamabad, Khewra Mines Museum in Chakwal and Lok Virsa Heritage Museum kept on being the best three most mainstream exhibition halls of Pakistan from 2016-2018. Taxila Museum and Lahore Museum were the fourth and fifth most popular. The Shahi Qila (LHR Royal Fort) in Lahore was the most popular in Pakistan during 2016-2018 with the number of visits exponentially higher than all other cultural sites. According to the report in 2018, Shahi Qila received five million visits, which were 1,160 percent more than the visits at the second most popular site, Shalimar Gardens in Lahore. For foreigners, Lahore Museum was the most popular museum in 2016 and 2017, but the Taxila Museum took the first spot in 2018. The 2nd most famous museum is whereas Shahi Qila and according to the report Rawalpindi remained the most popular cultural site for foreign tourists, and 3rd most famous tomb is Jahangir’s Tomb. So, according to this report reinforces the belief that the country harbors the immense potential for tourism.

Pakistan Improved Tourism Sector:

Step by step we improve, but if we discuss the world economic platform, and Pakistan is ranked 124 out of 136 countries, a figure that is very low considering the abundance of cultural resources. So we request our gourmet please take some serious step and develop these tombs more lavish, with the help of a citizen, we know without good citizen it's not possible, but if you are taking good and serious steps to improve the value, then obviously it's possible. These good steps help to improve our economy and even the foreigner guest ratio will also increase more from the present outstanding traffic by the Serene Airlines services in Pakistan. InshaAllah! Our countries will lie in the top numbers.

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