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Tourism In Pakistan Reaching Its Milestones


Pakistan is a country famous for its heritage and culture. It is geographically located at a unique place, and so, it has everything that is desired by the tourists. Due to the unparalleled diversity and beauty of its landscape, people from all across the world come here and make their days memorable. In 2010, Pakistan was termed as the next big thing for tourists.

You must be wondering why Pakistan had been declared as the next big thing for tourism?

It is because Pakistan has everything that a tourist can ever imagine. From grassy hills and dazzling lakes to the deserts and historical sites, Pakistan has a wide array of places that can easily entice any person. Furthermore, the cultural and heritage sites such as Mohenjo-Daro and ShahiQilla also compel the people to have a look at the old civilization.

In this article, we have outlined everything you need to know about tourism in Pakistan. After having a thorough read of this piece, you will be compelled to think that tourism in Pakistan is reaching its milestones. Let’s get started.

Tourist Destinations:

Visiting Pakistan through PIA Online Booking would never be a futile journey. You will find plenty of dazzling places where you can explore the true essence of nature. The mountainous terrain of Pakistan is unmatchable, and you cannot find that kind of beauty even in Switzerland. Furthermore, the serene lakes of northern areas will abolish all of your anxieties and give you a soothing feeling. Here, I have enlisted some of the travel destinations that must be a part of your traveling schedule if you ever visit Pakistan:

  • Valley of Naran and Kaghan.
  • Hunza Lake.
  • Passu Cones.
  • World’s highest desert in Skardu.
  • Nanga Parbat.
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Historical Sites:

Apart from the natural views, Pakistan is also famous for its unique heritage. Majority of the foreigners use PIA Online Booking services to travel to these historical places:

  • Fort and Shalamar garden Lahore.
  • Monuments of Taxila and Thatta.
  • Rohtas Fort.
  • Historical Shrines in Multan.
  • Archeological sites of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa.

Tourism And Economy:

The economy of Pakistan is directly linked to tourism. In 2015, the travel and tourism industry contributed US$ 328.3 million in the total GDP, which was 2.8% of the total GDP of Pakistan. Similarly, the contribution of tourism in 2016 increased to US$ 7.6 million, implying that the tourism industry is on the rise due to the eradication of terrorism from Pakistan.

How Is the Tourism in Pakistan Reaching Its Milestones?

Tourism in Pakistan had been severely affected by terrorist activities; however, with the eradication of several terrorist outfits, it has once again become one of the major spots for tourists all across the world.

The present government has taken some important initiatives to encourage foreign people so that they could visit Pakistan through PIA Online Booking. Due to the prevalence of social media, foreign people are visiting the places of Pakistan in droves because they perceive it as a safe country. Furthermore, it is predicted that by 2025, tourism will contribute more than US$ 7 billion to the Pakistani economy.


Due to the eradication of the menace of terrorism, Pakistan would soon become one of the top spots for tourists all around the world. Consistent and sustained efforts by the government will not only allure foreigners but also prove conducive for the Pakistani economy.

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