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What To See In Istanbul This Holiday Season?


Are you examining the Turkish Airlines Ticket Price For Istanbul on the Definitely! You get the appropriate fare seamlessly regard your budget. But before it, let’s talk on the most fascinating cities of the world “Istanbul”. It is solitary, at the same time, the fast paced, crowded and modern Istanbul is very romantic and sensational because it assimilated every east and west wave of civilization. That’s why it famed as the edge of Europe, where east meets west. When you step onto the land of dreamy city, then you realize that it hides the layer history, humanity, culture, traditions, architecture, beauty, multiple cuisines of foods, aroma of hospitality, and blossom colors due to the pandiculation between the two continents.

The miracle of Bosporus land is the Center of the World due to the striking combination of East patch-up west. Istanbul is an actual gem or pearl shell that has a lot to see offer this holiday season.

1. Grand Bazar:

The grand bazaar Istanbul is almost 500 years old soaks with the serious shoppers. The bazaar’s few streets specialized for its carpets, leather, ceramics, souvenirs, jewelry and spices. You can buy from there the beautiful goods such as; dry fruits, variety tea, coffee, nuts, antique lanterns, traditional fabrics and many more items that trade by the Asia and the Africa Merchants. The grand bazaar contains on the approximately 3000 plus retail shops or stalls with 61 estimated streets. It has almost 60 restaurants, about 18 fountains, more than 10 mosques, and even having school too. This is very popular attraction site among the tourists when they come to explore the splendid Istanbul. There are lots of items or viewing things that attract your attention.

2. Traditional Turkish Dance At The Hodjapasha:

If you want to enjoy the entertaining or Turkish traditional Rhythm Dance then the Hodjapasha is the best theatre for it. The dancers give it the real picturesque to producing the smoke and wind. The animations moving give the real experience with almost 70minutes long performance. It also organizes the whirling dervishes act or performance, folkloric and belly-dance to attract the tourists all over the world. In actual! This theatre held multiple of different purposes performance. You can also see it via Flights To Turkey with your real eyeball and get the awesome experiences.

3. Archaeological Museums:

The Archaeological Museum situated near to the Topkapi Palace comprises of three other Museums.

  • The Archaeological Museum.
  • The Museum of the Ancient Orient.
  • The Museum of Islamic Art.

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This is the most significant tourist sites because through it, they get up close to the history that ruled by the various great empires. The most interesting fact is that, this world famous museum contains more than a billion of items or collections regarding the global culture or heritage.

4. Dine In With Hamdi Restaurant:

During the exploring hunger also waiting to disclose in the yummy restaurants that give the traditional taste of the specific exploring city or country. As during visiting the Istanbul, Hamdi Restaurant, exact next to the spicy Bazar always welcomes you with the delicious aroma of the Turkish cuisine with the bird’s eye view of the Süleymaniye Mosque, Galata Tower, the Bosphorus and the Rustempaşa Mosque.

The clean, hygienic restaurant is famous for its traditional Kebab or Kofty with the special drink. It offers the open roof dinner on the terrace and on the roof with the grill or roasted eggplant, chicken and fish cuisine. Therefore, this restaurant is most famous among the tourists and local citizens as well.

5. Bosphorous Cruise:

Bosphorus ride offers you almost all the important site or view of the Istanbul including (Dolmabahçe Palace, mansions, the Maiden’s Tower, and many mosques, the Rumeli Ruins, and gardens) which you can’t explore in the small trip. You can say that the tour of this city is uncompleted without this ride of the European and Asian shores.


Istanbul city beats on its lyrics. It is the vibrant, fascinating and modern city but it never skips its roots. No, one is not able to restrict itself to fall in love with it, when they spent the sunset on the Bosphorus ride, rising sun rays at the Hagia Sophia and evening breeze at the Basilica Cistern.

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