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Things You Should Know Before Travel In Northern Areas Of Pakistan


Definitely, travel to the northern areas of the Pakistan is rich experience and the soul refreshment sanitize. The number of foreigner or Pakistanis families used to reserve Cheap Flights Tickets to visit the beauty of our country to celebrate their vocational break because it is secure shelter to them and famous as the town of the hospitable nation. According to the tourism statistic, almost million of tourists or bloggers already visited the Northern areas.

Outsiders come there to get the enjoyment of the driving on the surround of the precarious hills and they also organize the camp in the centre of the paradise for striking the landscape and take pictures around the enchanting green natural rug or meadow. These areas awaiting the guests that they come there and travel the jaw dropping mountain snow covered peaks in the north.

Are you curious to see the historical Mughal architecture and Indus Valley civilization sites of the diverse culture with the unbeatable food cuisine? Off-course! Yes, you just ready to explore without any worries because this blog having all the valuable things or tips which you knew it before the traveling.

All Documents Print:

You should bring with you all important travel documents with the identifications official paper copy and Visa or Passport. As a traveler or an outsider, you need your documents copies almost various posts to enter yourself in the safety zone or registration. All the questions during registration and the process are only done for you and it’s all the part to visit the other country.

Famous Northern Destinations:

As all aware that the northern area is the actual touristic destination in the Pakistan that attracts the million of the visitors due to its multi-cultural look, traditional appearance and soft heart corners. Below are listed down the some famous destinations of northern areas that ruled on the heart of the tourists, even across the sea.

  • Naran Kaghan.
  • Chitral.
  • Skardu.
  • Hunza.
  • Kalam.
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Pakistan’s Culture:

Pakistan is multi cultural and vibrant land. When you explore it, you feel like traveling in different tiny countries. Punjabi, Urdu Speaking, Hazara, Pashtun, Baloch, and Sindhi are the major are racial or tribal groups in Pakistan (individual has different traditions, customs, ritual or culture, language and food menu).

“The groups of Pakistan: individual we are the single drop but together they are the ocean”

They are strongly rooted with their tradition with the modern era. They never compromise with their custom but all groups are very hospital. They are always ready to welcome the guests, whether they are foreigners or other group of the Pakistanis.


Pakistan has multiple dialects. After each 15 miles the accent and dialect changed, but Urdu is the king of the dialects because the national language of the Pakistan is the Urdu while the other official language is English. In fact, there are various regional languages that vary upon the district or region such as;









And further are continuing. The majority, in big city uses Urdu and they also merge English words in it, which is very helpful for the foreigners.

Cuisine In Northern destination:

Pakistani food is full of flavors and delicious spices delicious. Many cities have own cuisine, culture and specialties that you can taste. Famous destinations and cities have lots of cafes and restaurants that also offer the international taste. Let’s, talk about the few yummiest dishes of the northern destinations.

  • Chapli Kebab.
  • Tikka.
  • Kabuli Pulao.
  • Mamtu.
  • Chap-churro.
  • Charsi Karahi.
  • Trout Fish.
  • Shomleh.
  • Firni.

Transportation Sources:

Pakistan has multifarious transport options to travel in the Pakistan regions, district or the cities. When you will be arrive at Pakistan through the Serene Airlines Ticket booking the further exploring you can enjoy through the local transport, including:

  • Rikshaw.
  • Bus.
  • Taxi.
  • Jeep.
  • Train.
  • Truck.
  • Minibu.
  • Motorcycle.
  • Rickshaw (locally pronounce Ching Chee) etc.


Pakistan is very precious home, it’s ready to provide soft corner to the forgivers’ but only those can understand their formal treat and appreciate them who little bit know about the Pakistanis. Therefore, in this blog try to meet you with our hospitable country because you can freely enjoy it when you well aware about its traditions or living style. We hope you get a lot of positive information. So, don’t waste now, single minute. Let’s log in and make sure your travel to the northern areas (paradise) of Pakistan.

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