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Enjoy The Winter In Turkey With Faremakers


Turkey is a Muslim majority country located in Europe. Due to its enormous size, Turkey has three climate zones that make the Turkish people one of the luckiest ones in the world. On the southern coast, people might be sunbathing at the beaches, while on the eastern side; adventurers could be seen skiing in the resorts of Erzurum.

Winter starts in Turkey in December as temperatures go as low as 7-8 degrees Celsius. Tourism lovers come to turkey in winters, and the land turns into heaven in the cold season. Furthermore, Turkey is also tranquil in winters, and so, you won’t have to deal with the bustling crowds.

Faremakers is Pakistan’s largest traveling channel that will make sure that your winter trip to Turkey goes without a hitch. If you are planning to visit Turkey this winter through Turkish Airlines, then avail your ticket only through Faremakers as you will get a lot of promotions and discounts. Here are all the things that you can enjoy in Turkey by traveling through Cheap Flight Tickets.

Spend Some Days In Istanbul:

Istanbul is a picturesque city in Turkey, and it is termed as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Europe. Each year, Istanbul hosts thousands of travel enthusiasts that go back to their countries with unforgettable memories.

In winter, snow completely covers this beautiful city, and all the historical landmarks depict an entirely different view. You would see the domes of Hagia Sophia completely hidden under the snow. If you have started shivering with cold, then you can also go inside the Istanbul Archaeology Museum where the historical artifacts will surely warm your mood and body.

Catch The Fishes:

Every winter, millions of fishes migrate from the Black sea to the relatively warm Mediterranean. Indeed, this migration of fishes gives an amazing opportunity for the fish catchers. You will find the huge crowds of people in the waterway that only come here to hunt the fishes. Similarly, some traditional dining restaurants also exclusively offer the delicacies of winter fish. So, tasting the winter fish of Turkey will definitely leave you stunned.

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Visit Antalya:

Visiting Antalya will offer you amazing coastlines, historical monuments, and above all, the mesmerizing landscape of winter season. Taking a warm bath at the famous Antalya Bathhouse will also help you to get rid of the exhaustion and fatigue. Apart from this, the coastline becomes immensely attractive in the winter season due to the embellishment of snow on the ships and shores.

Enjoy The Thick Turkish Coffee:

Your winter trip to Turkey will be incomplete if you do not taste the famous thick coffee. The coffee is made with the roots of wild orchids and was originated during the era of Ottoman Empire. It is said that the kings and queens of the empire used to start their day with the sip of this coffee. In winter, you will be able to find this delicacy in most of the restaurants in Turkey. Different areas of Turkey have different taste of coffee, but the most delicious one would be found in the hotels of Istanbul.

Visit The Snowy Peaks Of Van:

The Van region is located in southeast Turkey and is widely known for its wilderness and high altitude. The region also has a lake that is the biggest lake in the country and does not freeze even in January. Small islands and ancient castles dot the lake. Due to snowfall, Akdamar Island becomes amazingly impressive, and so, it is worth a visit.

Hike In Bursa:

Bursa is popular among the winter travelers due to top-notch ski resorts and astonishing scenery. Several festivals are held here in winters where the hiking and skiing lovers enjoy their fantasies. The famous places of Bursa include Mudanya and Tiriliye that must be visited by you if you have time. However, before landing on Bursa, it is imperative to check the Turkish Airlines Ticket Price.


Winter gives a unique charm to the already beautiful Turkey. Traveling to Turkey in winter would be an experience you would love to describe to others. And once you tell them that you have seen all of it, your friends would also start thinking about exploring the beauty of Turkey in winters. So, pack your bags, and travel to Turkey to experience the snowy beauty of this country.

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