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How To Plan A Stopover In Doha, Qatar?


Qatar has only one place for the planes, and that is the Hamad International Airport, Doha. Qatar Airways is the official airline of the country and operates from the same airport. From fresh and delicious meals to the convenient sitting arrangements, the airline offers everything to facilitate the passengers.

However, like all other airlines, Qatar Airways also stays at the Doha airport for a short or long layover. For example, if you are from Pakistan, and want to go to London through Qatar Airways Flight Booking, then be ready for a stopover at the Hamad International Airport Doha. Since the plane remains in the air for many hours, it becomes necessary to refuel it and overhaul its machinery. Some layovers end in just a couple of hours, while on some occasions, the plane does not take off even after 3-4 days.

Here, we are going to explain how you can plan and enjoy your stopover in Doha. We will focus on the places near the airport so that you could go there and make your stopover memorable. Let’s get started.

If You Have A Stopover Of 4-6 Hours:

You probably cannot go far if your plane is going to stay at the airport only for 4-6 hours. However, 4-6 hours are enough to go to nearby towns and explore the intriguing places. Here are all the spots near the Doha airport where you can leisurely enjoy the short stopover.

1. Stroll Along Waterfront Croniche:

You can go for a stroll along the croniche for witnessing the great views across the water. You will see that your fellow passengers will also be going there to experience the nice breeze coming off the Gulf. Besides, the skyscrapers of the West Bay will unquestionably fascinate your inner self.

2. Participate In The Exhibitions At Fire Station:

Now, if you are thinking about observing something different, then head straight to the Fire station. It is an art center housed in an old building where you will observe interesting exhibitions open for the public.

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If You Have A Layover Of 2-3 Days:

What if you have a couple of days for the stopover? Here are the must-visit places in Doha in case you have enough time after availing a ticket from Qatar Airways flight booking.

1. Grab Something To Eat:

Even though the airport does not offer a lot off food choices, there are meals that feature Arabic, Western, and Middle Eastern cuisine. You will find various food franchises including McDonald and Burger King from where you can taste the Qatari junk food.

2. Shop At The City Center:

At the center of Doha, you will find a lavish Qatari market crowded with people of different races. From branded clothes and imported watches to the essential commodities, the market offers everything. Apart from the items, there are also topnotch cafes from where you can taste the traditional Qatari food. Lastly, also go to the Falcon Souq if you want to buy the living falcons.

3. Visit The Museum Of Islamic Arts:

The Museum of Islamic Arts is a perfect place for history lovers. It is located on the one end of the seven-kilometer long Croniche and is surrounded by a park from the eastern and southern sides. Several ancient Islamic architectures are showcased here in geometric patterns. Moreover, you also can observe centuries-old Islamic art such as glittering jewels that were once belonged to the Shah Jahan, the creator of the Taj Mahal.

4. Head To Zubarah Fort:

Zubarah Fort is the UNESCO world heritage site located on the north-west side of the Doha. It is a genuine treasure trove of the ancient Qatari history that pays tribute to a time when Qatar was nothing more than a desert. At the end of the fort, you will discover the shops of Bedouin barbecue along with a chance of camel riding.

5. Watch The Sand Dunes Of Khor Al Adaid:

If you want a serene environment and skip the city hubbub, then you can calm your nerves by going to Al Adaid which is full of impeccable sand dunes. Since the journey from the airport to this desert will take around 5 hours, it is essential to bring water bottles and some eatables with you.

6. Enjoy The Night Life Of Doha:

Doha’s nightlife is concerted around live music, venues, bars, and firecrackers. You will find plenty of architecturally ambitious hotels where you can play sports, watch movies, dance with the people, and at last, take a relaxing nap. Each night, music performances are carried out by popular bands that come to Doha just to entertain the visitors.


After resting at the hotel, you should come back to the airport to catch the Qatar Airways Flight because the fascinating places of Doha will not allow you to leave marvelous Qatar. We hope that after reading this piece, you will be able to spend your layover in Doha comfortably. Just create a passion for exploration in yourself, and Doha will answer all of your curiosities.

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