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PIA Has Raised Its Fees For Additional Baggage


Founded on 29 October 1946, PIA - Pakistan International Airlines is the national flag carrier of Pakistan which operates in more than 16 countries across Asia, Europe, Middle East, and North America. In addition, PIA also serves 18 domestic and 25 international destinations with more than 35 aircraft in its fleet. The primary hub of the PIA is Jinnah International Airport Karachi; however, Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore and Islamabad International Airport are also considered as the main hubs of the airline. The leading aircraft of PIA include ATR 42-500, Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 777-200LR, and Boeing 777-300ER.

Convenience for the passengers is the hallmark of the Pakistan International Airlines. From accommodation and traveling advancements to the amenities of meals, PIA offers all the things that will undoubtedly make your journey luxurious. The baggage policy of PIA is the testimony to this argument. To facilitate the consumers, PIA charges a minuscule amount for any kind of baggage and paraphernalia. However, considering the revamp in the quality of the services, PIA has decided to increase the fees for additional baggage.

In this piece, we have tried to inform the readers about the previous and new charges of PIA for additional baggage. Read on to get an in-depth knowledge of the new PIA baggage policy.

Charges For Additional Luggage Before 24 Nov 2019:

PIA has a variety of baggage services for Business and Economy class passengers. If you are traveling in Economy class, then you can carry the baggage of 7 kg max on both domestic and international flights. Similarly, Business class passengers can carry a maximum of 12 kg for both domestic and international flights. However, if someone wants to transfer additional luggage, then he/she will have to pay additional charges for the baggage. The previous fee of PIA for extra luggage is as follow:

  • Rs100/KG for all the domestic flights.
  • 20 KG in Rs5000 for Economy Class.
  • 25 KG in Rs5000 for Executive Economy Class.
  • 30 KG in Rs5000 for Business Class.
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Charges After 24 Nov 2019:

On Nov 24, 2019, PIA-Pakistan International Airlines raised its fees for additional baggage. The spokesperson of PIA said that the commuters would now have to pay Rs5800 on additional luggage amounting to more than 10 kilograms on all the domestic and international flights. The raised charges for the additional luggage are as follow:

  • Rs5800 per 10 Kg for all domestic and international flights.
  • Rs250 per Kg for all the domestic flights.
  • Rs2500 per Kg from Karachi to Dubai bound flights.
  • Rs800 per kg from Karachi to Jeddah bound flights.
  • Rs 3500 per kg from Karachi to London bound flights.
  • Rs25000 per 27 Kg from Karachi to Toronto bound flights.

PIA officials have said that the decision to increase the charges has been taken in light of the taxes being imposed on the airline by foreign countries. However, the officials have clarified that once the taxes are withdrawn, the charges will revert to their original prices.


It would be tough for most of the people to sustain the hiked charges. Therefore, the sane approach would be to transfer as less luggage as possible while going to a foreign country. It would not only save your money but would also reduce the burden on your shoulders. We suggest you book the air ticket from to avail the discounts on the additional luggage charges of PIA.

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