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Inbound Tourism In Pakistan Increased By 70% In The Last Year


It is a blessing of Allah SWT that Pakistan is among one of the countries having unique opportunities for tourists. Be it cultural tourism, religious tourism, or international tourism, Pakistan offers everything to cater to the needs of travel aficionados. However, after the unfortunate incident of 9/11, Pakistan had to endure a painful downfall in tourism activities. The spate of terror attacks and a brutal wave of terrorism inflicted a disastrous horror on the soft image of Pakistan, and as a result, the foreign tourists stopped visiting the fascinating places of this country.

However, given the countless sacrifices of Pakistani security forces and Pakistani people, the menace of terrorism has finally been defeated. Now, more and more people are exploring Pakistan by Serene Air Ticket Booking, and it is predicted that Pakistan would become the major tourist spot in the years to come.

Recently, a report has been published by the Pakistan Tourism Development Cooperation (PMDC) that states that inbound tourism has witnessed a sharp increase of 70% in 2018. Here, we will dissect the whole report of PMDC and tell you about the factors that have contributed to the resurgence of the tourism industry in Pakistan. Let’s get started.

Thorough Analysis Of Report:

The report highlights the initiatives taken by the incumbent government and to what extent these endeavors have affected tourism. It states that in 2017, around 10,447 people visited Pakistan on tourist visas. However, in 2018, more than 17,283 people came to Pakistan to visit tourist attractions. The dramatic surge in the number of foreign tourists is the testimony to the concerted efforts of government on the tourism sector.

PMDC analyzes tourism growth on a yearly basis, and in this report, they have guided the readers by comparing the year 2018 with the preceding years. Here, we have put some light at the year by year statistics of tourism in Pakistan.

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In the year 2013, more than 10,560 foreign tourists came here on tourist visas and visited the various parts of the country by Serene Air Ticket Booking. Even though terrorism was prevalent at that time, but the overall image of Pakistan was positive, and the obsession of people with the scenic views of Pakistan had not diminished.


In 2014, only 5,575 people came here on tourist visas, implying that the tourism industry dealt a major blow in that year. It is because the terrorist attacks skyrocketed in 2014, and people hesitated to visit Pakistan for fear of being killed or terrorized.


However, in 2015 and 2016, Pakistan observed a slight improvement in the tourism sector as the number of foreign tourists climbed to 6,475 and 9,161 respectively. Undoubtedly, the surge in the number of tourists was due to the eradication of terrorist activities in Pakistan.


In 2017, the number of foreign tourists reached the 2013’s level as more than 10,447 people visited the country. At that time, foreigners had finally realized that Pakistan was a safe country to travel, and they could freely go wherever they wanted.


2018 saw an amazing increase of 70% in the inbound tourism of Pakistan. By 2018, terrorism had been completely defeated, and the country had become entirely secure for foreigners. 2018 was the only year in the history of Pakistan in which more than 17,283 foreign people landed on our soil.

Primary Reasons For The Improvement In The Tourism Sector:

There are plenty of reasons why the people of foreign countries have once again started to visit Pakistan. The initiatives of the governments have restored the trust of foreign tourists, and people have now begun to perceive Pakistan as a major tourist destination. Once they land on Pakistan, they travel to different places of Pakistan through Serene Air Ticket Booking. The primary reasons for the improvement in the tourism sector are:

  • Eradication of terrorism.
  • Certain waivers and compensations for the foreigners.
  • Awareness drives of government through social media.

The tourism experts believe that if the current situations persist, the influx of foreign tourists will increase in the years ahead. It is also believed that Pakistan will be hosting more than 40,000 foreigners by the end of 2020.

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