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Discover More Than 300 Destinations With Turkish Airlines


Turkish airline always becomes the beat of the entire passenger’s heart and has a strong reputation due to its perfect services, comfortable journey, qualified & well mannered staff, winning dishes, pleasure experience, entertainment system, multiple destinations and all other factors. The majority of the customers prefer Turkish Airlines Online Ticket Booking for the international traveling and few of them wants to know about its destinations. Are you one of them, who are curious to get information about the Turkish Flag Carrier airship? Definitely, yes.

Let’s get ready because Pakistan’s first online travel company comes with a wonderful article which is provide you maximum information about this airline destinations and services.


It is a fast growing airline, which provides exceptional services for the passengers through its fleets. It is really an admiration fact to the entire world that Turkish airline approaches more than 300 destinations. Yes, yes, its dame reality. We know it’s very incredible, but it actually happens under the perfect services in the skies. We are going to share with you major pointed regions of the world favorite aircraft, on which destinations it provides services.

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Europe is located in the Northern Hemisphere and in the Eastern Hemisphere. It is the most famous region that receives million of passengers in a year due to its good infrastructure and modern facilities. Turkish aircraft pick a large group of travelers to drop the different destination of the Europe.

London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Vienna and Athens (are the top European’s sectors where fast growing airline provide its services).


The USA covers almost 50 states and it is famed as the dreamy land of all the tourists or visitors. People prefer to visit the USA and to explore it once in life. So, fulfill the dreams of the visitors, Turkish Airlines Online Ticket Booking provide the services of its major destinations in which including are: New York, San Francisco, Houston and Boston.

Middle East:

Middle East is consists about 14 different countries that are totally differ with each other, but the top one airline provide its services in the different destinations of these massively differ land.

It approaches the Tehran, Dubai, Doha and Beirut destinations with the travelers.

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It provides its convenience services to the Cairo and in the Casablanca that are the part of the Africa. Yes, this airline able to land in the Africa region under the affordable fares.


It also covers the Asia’s sectors too, because the majority of the Asia region’s passengers want to travel with the Turkish airline for the tour of the World. Many destinations of this region capable for the services of this airline, but we will share with you few famous of them.

Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Bangkok, Phuket and many further destinations where this airline provide its complete services.


Definitely, it provides services to its domestic sectors too, but the travelers who want to go to the Turkey on the trip with their family and friends, they also can land on the major cities of the turkey such as; Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Adana and Trabzon etc.

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Turkish promo:

Your travel partner has good news for the traveler of this airline. Yes, it’s true; we come with the Turkish airline promotion for the both classes; Business and the Economy class.

You can travel with the wonderful promo which declares the buy 1 get 1 free on the business class, while on the other hand, customers can enjoy the special fare on the economy class services without any hesitations. The further details about these travel deals you can check out when you visit or you can contact us by dialing (111 147 111). Both sources are authentic to approaches or avail your favorite one, tickets at very low rates.

Class services:

With exploring more than 300 destinations it also well designed the business and the economy class for the passenger facilities. As we understand for the long haul travel the journey must be comfortable regarding the sitting area and other facilities.

Business class seats are fully snug and well organized with the lamplight to read any article or story under the maximum individual light, the seat that is open almost 193 as the bed have a massage system which gives you relax mind and body. Your food table can be rotating able and etc.

Economy class also have very convenient for the travel because it provides the extra leg room and the head rest space with the USB sockets with the further advance features.

Ready To Fly:

SO, let’s fly with the Turkish airline by getting affordable fare through us and ready to explore hundred plus corner of the world with the slogan of “widen your world” and exactly its true this airline make worldwide and easy to access to all the passengers.

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