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Explore The Wonders Of The World With Fly Dubai


Visiting amazing and enigmatic places heals our soul. We are the only creature which can move to tears by sunset, feel overwhelmed by the view of stars at night, and start laughing at dawn.

For the past thousands of years, human civilizations have created buildings, mosques, temples, monuments, and cities. These structures dazzle the eyes of the people of the 21st century. We are still not able to comprehend how such architectures could have been built in the absence of technological machinery. To find the answer to this question, most of people wish to exclusively visit these sites.

If you are also among the people who want to witness the wonders of the world, then we recommend you go by Fly Dubai Airline Ticket Booking. Since you are going to experience the impossible architectures, it is imperative not to compromise on the quality of your travel. Here are six wonders of the world where you can go through Fly Dubai.

Grand Canyon, USA:

500ft deep and 277-mile long, Gran Canyon National Park is located in the plains of Arizona, America. It is considered as the most spectacular landscape of America given its giant rocks. The complete geological history of our planet has been inscribed on these cliffs. Studying the rocks will give you the scenic view of the ocean, mountains, and sky. Each year, more than five million visitors come to Grand Canyon National park, but only a few make it to the canyon floor.

Giza Pyramid:

The great pyramid of Giza has undeniable importance considering that it is the oldest manmade structure on the planet. Archaeologists believe that the Giza Pyramid was built in 20 years and completed around 2560 BC. The Giza Pyramid has amazed modern engineers and architectures as they wonder how it was constructed in times when the infrastructural facilities did not exist. The Fourth Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu is buried In Giza Pyramid.

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Petra, Jordan:

Petra Jordan has an incredible archaeological value that allure thousands of tourists each year. The two most prominent features of this ancient city are the water conduit system and rock-cut architecture. It is also sometimes called “Rose City” due to its stone color. As per the Smithsonian magazine, you should definitely see Petra before you die. Fly Dubai can conveniently take you from your local city to the Jordan where Petra is situated.

Blombos Cave, South Africa:

Blombos cave is located 200 miles east of Cape Town and flaunts the oldest human drawings. The cross marks written in the walls of the cave are believed to be 73000 years old. The illustrations depict the start of human creativity and symbolic thinking. The caves also prove that humans landed on earth thousands of years ago. Going to South Africa through Fly Dubai airline ticket booking will be exceptionally inexpensive for you.

Great Wall Of China:

The Great Wall of China is famous for its length, uniqueness, and historical value. It is basically a series of walls that were built over a period of many years. It is also the only place of the earth that is apparent from the moon. It is the longest manmade structure ever built and has a length of 22,000 kilometers.

Tutankhamen’s Tomb, Egypt:

Tutankhamen’s tomb was discovered in 1922, and even at that time, it was in immaculate condition. Since then, this place has taken its toll. The walls of the tomb are embellished with shiny murals in colors as bright as when the walls were first painted 33, 00 years ago. Apart from the tomb, there are also other wonders such as the Valley of Kings and Giza Pyramid that make Egypt one of the most charming places for the tourists.


If you are curious about something, then you would definitely get its exposure. In this piece, we have tried our best to increase your curiosity about the wonders of the world. We hope that traveling to these places through Fly Dubai Airline Ticket Booking will be a life-changing moment for you.

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