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5 Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travelers


Traveling gives you an excellent opportunity to discover not only new places and people but also your inner self! Even though traveling with friends and family helps you to create pleasant memories, traveling alone has a unique aroma that is exciting, captivating, and obviously, thrilling.

Currently, solo travel among the people is on the rise. The trend of solo traveling was not prevalent 5-6 years ago, but now more and more people prefer it just to boost their confidence and to be independent.

Like men, women also have started challenging themselves. They think that traveling alone to unknown places will empower them and enable them to make their choices independently. However, women hesitate to travel solo to some places, given the sensitive nature and the cultural norms of those particular sites. To mitigate the fears of women who want to do it solo, we have come up with the finest and securest places that will not only fascinate you but also give you a sense of security. Here we go.

1. Germany:

The cities of Germany have a highly efficient rail network that would help you to travel on your own with ease. Its rail network is so magical that you can have breakfast in Berlin and dinner in Munich in the same day. Several entertaining activities will keep you busy and give you the chance to get exposed to new places and people. The widely acclaimed features of Germany are the outdoor music festivals and the Christmas markets. Amazingly, the country is so safe that you can even hang out in the middle of the night.

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2. Vietnam:

Astonishingly comfortable for female travelers, the triangle tour of Cambodia and Laos would be the most thrilling journey for the adventure lovers. In April 2017, a Six Senses property was opened in Cambodia that is exceedingly luxurious and comfortable for solo travelers. Plus, the official security agencies of Vietnam ensure that every foreigner gets a hassle-free tour. So, if you are a female and wanting to unveil the exotic places alone, then Vietnam is here for you.

3. Pakistan:

Pakistan will fulfill all your traveling desires. If you are a nature lover who wants to explore the scenic landscapes, then the valleys of Naran & Kaghan, Hunza, and Swat are here. Similarly, if you are obsessed with historical monuments, then the 4500 years old civilization of Gandhara will welcome you here. Last but not least, Pakistan also boasts the 18th and 19th-century architectures that will provide you the chance to witness the glory and grandeur of the Mughal Empire exclusively.

With the eradication of the menace of terrorism in Pakistan, foreign tourists have started to come to Pakistan in droves. Since 2017, various female tourist enthusiasts, including Eva Zu Beck, Emma, and Lizzy have come to this country through PIA Ticket Reservation to tap the tourism potential. So if they can come to this country, why can’t you?

4. Costa Rica:

The country is a perfect place for people who have a relentless curiosity to discover eco-friendly places. Furthermore, the aquatic fun of Costa Rica cannot be experienced anywhere in the world. From the enigmatic sea turtles that rest in Tortuguero National Park to the striking waves at Playa Bonita, this country has everything to dazzle the aqua lovers. Additionally, the thermal spas, hot springs, and yoga treats of Costa Rica attract thousands of solo travels each year. So, what are you waiting for?

5. Canada:

Canada is a melting pot of various cultures, and you would not find yourself alone even if you solo travel. This country has various bustling cities that are at par with any other big city in the world. Quebec is famous for its cinematic culture, while Toronto is widely acclaimed for its unparalleled theatres and comedy venues. The commotion and excitement of Toronto are comparable both in quantity and quality to that of New York City. Carefully checking the Lahore To Toronto Flights schedule is imperative for the people who want to visit Canada from Pakistan. Similarly, solo travelers can enjoy camping, hiking, and stargazing in the various national parks of the country.

Bottom Line:

If you are waiting for a person who would take you to that awesome trip, then you are doing injustice to your life. We come to this world only once, and we must live this short life to the fullest! Don’t wait for anyone, and break the barriers by going to the trip on your own. The places are waiting for you.

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