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Don’t Do These Rookie Mistakes While Traveling


We always provide you the piece of informative blog about the what to do, see attraction, do this, act this way, explore that etc, but this blog is different from the previous. No doubt, it is easy to say to explore that attraction or what to do, but the tellers forget to share the don’ts in traveling. Today, we are going to share with you the plenty of traveler’s mistakes that leads to lost time, missed opportunities, wasted money and giving snafu while traveling.

We accept it that, something you can’t control such as: delay flight, suddenly weather go to bad, long queue and many more like that, but some of the tips still make your trip error free and do a great help to be a memorable tour with Cheap Flight Tickets for the obvious reasons of avoiding the common rookie travel mistakes all travelers do, but doing things wrong shows you how to do them right.

There are few of that mistakes that you can overcome by keep reading. Make your next trip a breeze, simple, easy and longer safe by avoiding the following rookie mistakes.

Don’t Make Rookie Mistakes:

1. The travelers avoid to checking the passport requirements. Some countries demanded, when you depart from the international country, then the passport should have six or 3 months for expiring.

2. Over packing is not good, don’t carry useless or excess stuff with you while traveling.

3. The unawareness about the prohibited and restricted items on a plane, fall the passengers in the un-pleasant situation. That’s why we always advise the passenger, must know regarding the flights and related information.

4. The tourists ask the direction from the local citizens and trust on them blindly, but it’s not enough. You must ask more than one person about the same direction.

5. Totally grip on Guide Books or helping material is not the authentic meaning of comfortably.

6. The majority of the foreigner Forget their budget limits and running out dozens of money.

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7. The travelers who don’t maintain the backup of pictures and scenic views they face disappointment when lost or stolen a camera or virus destroy the software.

8. The connecting flights booking with a short transit time is becoming the cause of the missing flights. So, avoid it.

9. During traveling, not bringing documents copies is completely careless habit. You should put your important documents copy in your hand bag.

10. The visitors do not inform the banks for future international city transaction, then their credit cards immediately blocked due to the other state transaction.

11. The currency exchange process from the airport is resulting very expensive. So, try to exchange from the city centers.

12. The majority left valuable things such as a DSLR camera, laptop, and expensive gadgets in the hotels or accommodation place becomes the cause of the stolen. Therefore, carry them with and hidden in a locked pack.

13. Tourists just ignore the norms and the Culture of the exploring destination, then the heavy fine charge on them. Just try to understand the surroundings in which you are staying. For example: if you are exploring the Pakistan country through the Serene Air Online Booking, then you should be careful about their norms and values because this is the Islamic state and it does not allow you the affection in the public place.

14. Outsiders having all the money in a single place, but should avoid this phenomena because money should place in the various places in your different bags are quite safer as from the having all same place.

15. We see those travelers, who don’t bother too much research about the targeting destination. When they approach there, then they have to face something un-expecting. Involving, cold weather, sudden raining, etc and then, they have no proper equipment to save themselves at the spot. So, must research about the destinations before approaching.

16. Due to the lack of research, passenger is unable to reserve accommodation at the decent place. Proper research is the guarantee of the meet with the luxurious hotels or residential places with the facilities.

17. It is the biggest expensive mistake to eat near a major tourist site. Always try to eat at the local places because near the touristic sites the prices are too much higher.

18. And sometime holidaymakers prefer eating the food that you’re used in their country, but it might not be fresh at this destination because it’s not the cuisine of new destination. So, try to follow the prix fixe option of new destination.

19. The newly travelers just skip travel insurance and don’t give importance. But as a real traveler, you should make sure the travel insurance.

20. The few of the explorer prefer the private cab, but we suggest you, always prefer to travel in the public metro or transport. It is quite safe and more knowledge full.

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21. Don’t engage with the locals is not the good behave. The talking with the locals gives you the opportunity to share the views and thoughts or provide you knowledge about the different culture and rituals. So, try to talk with the local citizens to create friendly relation.

22. Not taking a power bank on traveling is the biggest drawback. If you carry it with you, then you have never faced battery low issues in the mobile.

23. The trippers try to explore bundles of attraction sites, or planning too much in the single trip. It’s not possible, in this manner, you are un-able even to a see single place with satisfactory.

24. Sticking or relay to explore the city on the tour bus is not the efficient option. So, try to collect itself experiences.

25. Traveling in the touristic season or the high season is not bad, but you see the crowd anywhere, you have to spare place even to take pictures without hurdles, all the sightseeing has long queue & the hustle and bustle. Try to go off season to meet the exact and proper the taste of the destination.

26. Globetrotter not Spending Plenty of Time Outside places, while how much to spend the outside from the accommodation, you will get that much useful stuff and information.


We just want; you don’t do the rookie mistakes in your traveling. So, now, you can travel perfectly with overcoming the above points and say it that you travel is really amazing and free of rookie errors. To make your trip memorable you can reserve online flights from the because your traveling is our first priority.

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