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Best Countries In The World For Food Tourism


Adding appetizing activities to your travel is the best way to experience the culture of the destination you are in. By discovering the local food and drink, not only your horizon will be broadened, but you would also create memories that are worth sharing. Plus, it is not just food that allures you, but it is also the larger picture of the culture which can only be depicted through the food. Whether it is a meal cooked in someone’s kitchen or a lavish lunch of a five-star hotel, food genuinely tells the story of the makers, their traditions, and their sense of taste.

From the grilled fish of Prague to the pakoras of Pakistan, every country boasts the elegant cuisine, which can only be tasted at particular places. Here, we have enlisted the countries that are amazingly famous for tasty meals. You must visit these delicious destinations if you are obsessed with food tourism.

1. Mexico:

Even just the thought of Mexican cuisine invokes the explicit images of corn and beans, tequila and margaritas, and the tortillas. The fiery and colorful Mexican cuisine is like the country’s fiesta. It will get your head spinning and your heart pumping.

You can unveil the cooking secrets from a local senora and enjoy the scrumptious dishes such as chocolate, tacos, and tequila. Most importantly, you cannot afford to overlook the mole, an ancient sauce made of rich chocolate and hot chilies. The sauce is usually poured over stewed meats and tortilla wrappings. You will certainly be overwhelmed by the authenticity of this Mexican magic.

2. Pakistan:

Pakistani cuisine is considered one of the best in the world, given its depth of flavor and the lavish use of aromatic spices. Each place of the country has distinct dishes, ways of cooking, and ingredients. For example, the food in Punjab varies from that of KPK and Balochistan. In Punjab, the spicy Nehari and the Biryani are famous, while the province of Balochistan boasts the traditional Sajji and Pulao. Similarly, if you go to KPK, then the most delicious food item of this province is Charsi Kebab. Last but not least, Karachi is the capital of Sindh province and is famous for the Naragsy Koftay and Seekh Kebab. If you are from Lahore, then you can come to Karachi by Lahore To Karachi Air Tickets Booking.

3. Czech Republic:

It is a place where food lovers can indulge themselves in a superior blend of colors, spices, flavors, and music. Prague is the capital of this small European country. It boasts not only traditional food but also the vegetarian options. From potato soup and fruit dumplings to the apple strudel and the sweet gulas, the country has everything to please your taste buds.

You can go to Forrest Bistro to taste the killer vegan desserts, or you can head to Maitreya to enjoy the heavenly beer and espressos.

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4. Egypt:

Egyptian cuisine is full of legumes and fruit form the rich Nile Valley and Delta. The cuisine shares similarities with the Middle Eastern food such as koftas, kebabs, grape leaves, and the rice-stuffed vegetables. At breakfast, the popular dish is Ful Medammes that is made of fava beans cooked in salt and oil. Similarly, the Koshari is the favorite dish in lunch and is made with a layer of ice, lentils, macron, and caramelized onions. Furthermore, if you are a vegetarian, then Mahshi would do the thing. It is basically a vegetable dish stuffed with bell peppers, rice filling, and the cabbage leaves.

5. United Kingdom:

Great Britain has a wide range of dishes that are not only delicious but also mesmerizing. Eating British food is a surrealist expedition into a parallel universe that will challenge your eyes and palate. The Pie of England is a tsunami of mashed potatoes with a pastry on the top and flesh in the middle. Furthermore, the fish fingers with the tomato sauce and the canned beans have a taste that will compel you to lick your fingers. Plus, the Sunday Roast of London is so popular that people from all across Europe come here just to taste it. People living Pakistan always check Lahore To London Ticket Price before finalizing their tour plans.

6. Argentina:

Argentine cuisine is considered a cultural blending of Native American as well as Mediterranean influences. The only way to Argentine’s heart is through its barbecue, also known as parrillada. You should certainly not leave the country without spending an afternoon beside the warmth of an open fire, feasting on grilled meats and barbecue. Provoleta is another dish made from the sliced discs of cheese and chili flakes. It is considered as the trademark dish of Argentina.


The variety of food around the world is impressive, and you will never run out of food-centric destinations. By traveling to the countries mentioned above, not only will you get exposed to the fascinating dishes, but you would also learn the culinary secrets that would enable you to cook those dishes at your home.

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