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6 Fun Experiences You Can’t Miss On A Family Holiday In Istanbul


The travelers are found itself in the trouble to planning the family tour (the family trip refers to the tour with the kids) at any destination because in many cities, the family attractions are little bit hard to find, but in case of Istanbul trip, you will never stuck in this situation. This city has the loads of the family attraction sights, kid’s activities, museums, Parks, Shopping Malls, restaurant with the enjoyable experiences.

Istanbul is truly the gateway between East and West, we know, it is the cliché, but it’s actually as true as the universal facts. Not only does the city straddle two different continents over the Bosphorus, in fact, it’s a cultural crossroad of cuisine, majestic architecture and ideology with the layers of history. So, you can visit this city via Turkish Airline Flights because it offers you the fun experience holiday trip with your family. Below we have gathered maximum family exploring sightseeing in Istanbul that you can’t miss.

1. Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour:

The best fun experience with the family, to explore the Istanbul city is riding on the sightseeing tour bus. This Hip on Hip off the bus make your family trip very incredible and we suggest you that you never miss its ride because it make you able to meet with the highlight properties in this city.

In 90 minute tour, it covers almost touristic sites, including the mosques, shores of Bosphorous, three world domination empires: Ottoman, Roman and Byzantine, colorful, vibrant past tour, etc. You can take the photos with families, collect amazing memories and spend really wonderful time that shows the vantage point for the panoramic views of the city.

2. Bosphorous Cruise Tour:

The Bosphorous cruise includes the sightseeing, sunset and dinner cruises by crossing the routes the Black Sea, Golden Horn and Princes' Islands. It makes you able to move east to west culture.

It is a fantastic selection of entertainment on the Istanbul family visit because you will discover spectacular views with the sound of the city, palaces, mosques, bridges, forts, different neighborhood and soaks up surrounding with Asian and European shores through the sea with the leisure experience journey along the family. The cruises begin slightly to the east of the Galata Bridge moving to the Anadolu Kavagi, which is the actually Bosphorus’s entrance to the Black Sea. It is most suitable for the family and the small group tour. You should never miss this fun day out tour.

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3. Isfanbul Theme Park:

The Isfanbul theme park is the huge complex in the Istanbul for the adults and the kids or families because it consists on the park, entertainment, exhibition points and shopping at one door. That’s why, we say it is perfect for the families because it allow the kids are involved in their activities while the adults are entertained in the shopping and further thrill rides such as: roller-coasters and carousels, etc. you can also spend time at the themed streets, great boutiques, festival and event areas, restaurants and cafes.

You can entertain in the theme park without getting bored and enjoy the every step with the family and want to come again with the family.

4. Istanbul Dolphinarium:

The Dolphinarium is the great entertainment and an amusement centre in the Istanbul. The families and the young ones will be delighted to watch dolphins performing. The tourists or the local visitor enjoys the sea mammal show, massive walruses, white whale and playful fur seals. Not only it, you can swim with the dolphin, take dolphin therapy and dive with the dolphins, it all makes your day appropriate stunning and allure. This show is about 1 hour long, during it you can take family pictures with the dolphins and maintain more interesting picture folder. It is the biggest dolphin show in the Istanbul that you should enjoy in the family trip.

5. Miniature Turkey Museum:

The miniature Turkey museum is one of the never miss attraction points. According us, it is the huge and the Istanbul’s best attraction point, which is an open air museum. In which are displaying the Turkey’s famous and the greatest monuments.

If you really want to see the entire Turkey’s monuments by the foot then you should explore this museum. All the exhibited monuments and other buildings are alike real one just in small size. It is the showcase of the landmarks and the architectural buildings of the Turkey. It also shows the multiple crystal glass of famous historical attractions. Such as: Galata Tower, Hagia Sophia Museum, Blue Mosque, Ciragan Palace, Maiden’s Tower, Topkapi Palace, Fatih Mosque, Haydarpasa Train Station, Building, Istanbul University, St. Antoine Church, Eyup Sultan Mosque, Rumeli Fortress, Dolmabahce Palace, Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and etc.

No doubt, it is appreciate-able fantastic town which is also entertain you with the gift shops, Restaurants, café, children’s playground, parking area and exhibition hall. You can approach, there with the family by the public transport or the private cab.

6. The Grand Bazar:

The world famous grand bazaar in Istanbul is the main attraction and the compulsory part of the tourist’s itinerary and when we discuss the family trip, and then how the family trip is complete without exploring the Bazaar? So, to add more taste in the family journey, you should go to shop in the famous Grand Bazaar that is comprised over the almost 60 streets or alleys and more than 4,000 different shops.

This enormous soak has the variety of the amenities, restaurants, hamaam or Spa, mosques, police station, post office, health dispensary and franchise of banks, ceramics, shesha, sweets, soaps, chocolates, fruits, nuts, Turkish delights, spice shops, art items, handicrafts, Turkish carpets and many more. This Grand bazaar allure you and you just shocked to enter it when you confused what to buy or what not? Therefore, don’t skip this attraction plus shopping point in the Istanbul.


Istanbul is the most captivating cities in Turkey. It captures the true essence of Turkish culture through its lifestyle, cuisine and architecture. With so much to see and learn, families will be enthralled with the charms of the old world. There is also a bunch of theme parks, cultural institutions, aquariums, venues for families, and further attractions to keep them entertained with fun experience throughout the holiday trip. So, you may comfortably discover Istanbul’s family attractions and you can reserve Lahore To Istanbul Flights from the to enjoy flawless journey.

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