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Traveling From Lahore to London


7 Things to Know Before Traveling From Lahore to London

Visiting a foreign country for the first time might be daunting, and it is always better to plan everything ahead. Doing some research before landing somewhere will save you from going astray. However, there is also no need to read the long journals of locations and maps since it would complicate the matters. Populated by countless museums, bars, and hotels, London is certainly an overwhelming city. If you are thinking about exploring all the places in London in one trip, then perhaps you need to change your thinking. This piece is aimed at telling people the essential things before traveling to this city. Let’s get started.

1. London Is Big:

London is so big that it might take you a whole day to travel from one part of the city to another. There are also high chances that you would forget the route for the locations and end up arriving at an entirely unknown place. So, never forget to bring a digital map with you while roaming around. Google Maps can also be used to ascertain the exact map of the locations. The people of Lahore need to prefer the airline that offers cheap Lahore to London ticket price.

2. A Shining Sun Is a Rare Event:

The people of London eagerly wait for the day when the sun comes out. As soon as they see the sun, they leave their homes and offices and flock outdoors. People genuinely enjoy the chance to take a sunbath and have some bear on the nearby beaches. It would not be an overstatement if we say that it is practically a national holiday when the mercury rises above 18 degrees.

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3. Always Carry an Umbrella :

In London, it rains a lot. In fact, there is not a single day when people do not see the rainwater coming from the sky. Since the natives of London have are habitual of the rain, it does not interrupt their routine. However, the rain might spoil the joys of foreign tourists in unimaginable ways. But if you carry a durable umbrella with you, it would be easier to protect yourself and enjoy your tour smoothly.

4. Local Currency :

The rest of Europe accepts the euro, but the case with UK is entirely different. In London, only the Great British Pound can be used. Even though at some shops, they accept Euros, however, most of the transactions including ATM withdrawal and bank fee etc. will only be done in pounds. Also, you will also be charged a foreign transaction fee of three percent whether you use a credit card or get cash out. So, always make sure to maintain an additional budget in advance.

5. Learning English Is Imperative :

If you don’t know English, then you would not be allowed even to enter the country. From shopkeepers and vendors to judges and university professor, all the people in London talk in English. So, nobody would understand what you are saying until you speak in their native language. Furthermore, given the difference in American and British English, some words might also confuse you. So, it is better to have a slight knowledge of English before going there.

6. Use Public Transport Whenever You Can :

In London, the taxis and other private transporting facilities are highly expensive. So, it would be prudent to prefer public transport while traveling inside the city. Additionally, there is also a separate path for both the Metro Bus and Double Decker that would help you in arriving at the destination in a short amount of time. So, if you prefer public transport, then rest assured that heavy traffic jams would not disrupt your journey.

7. London Does Not Sleep:

Whether its day or night, the glamour of London does not vanish. The city is home to the most luxurious and lavish clubs that stay open till late at night. The bars and the pubs are always crowded regardless of the time. So, if you are a night owl, then Thursday is the best day to fulfill your fantasies.


You will create a lot of unforgettable memories in London, but only if you know the essential things mentioned here. London never sleeps, and the astonishing of the city views will also compel you to stay up all night.Want to explore the dazzling beauty of London? Don’t wait, and book the online ticket of London through to have a phenomenal journey.

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