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8 Things Keep In Mind While Travel Lahore To Dubai


Dubai is the Flashy and the big, brash. It welcomed million of the passengers in a whole year and the most appreciation fact is that the tourists prefer to approach Dubai from the Lahore by paying most affordable Lahore To Dubai Ticket Price to enjoy the rich city because the Ostentatious city offer them the fun-filled family holiday lands, adventure, the world’s highest skyscrapers, recreational remarkable experience, attraction spots and lovely cruise dinner on the waves dance. Tourists or travelers feel comfort to travel at the Dubai because it is very clear culture and this city respect their laws and also expect to the foreigners that they should follow them. No doubt, the tourism's boom in Dubai shows no sign of slowing. If you are also one of the candidates of the Dubai Visitors from the Lahore city then having this precious blog that will guide you, which major things you should keep in your mind as a traveler or tourist.

1. Best Time To Travel:

As all are knows that the Dubai familiar only two kinds of weather, one is hot and the second is hotter. We suggest to the tourists must plan your trip among the winter season of the Lahore like October to the April is the best time to visit Dubai because during these months the Desert land also has the pleasant temperature with the cool breeze and the drizzling. While in the hot season or in the summer has the unbearable hot sun, sweating and harsh sunrays slap on the face and sunburn on the body. Tourists can’t able to stay even the 10mints in the hot season. That’s why you should reserve flight to Dubai in the winter season.

2. Hotel Reservation:

The United Arab Emirates famous city or the heartland of the tourists has multiple luxurious hotels that only built for the conveniences of the tourists or the travelers, who just land there to get, know about it in the depth. So, before landing on the sandy city, you should reserve your hotels in advance because if tourists have no hotel reservation clearance then they will not able to enter into the city.

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3. Reserve Flight In Advance:

The oil rich city breaks, all the record of the receiving travelers. Yes, it is true. The huge amount of the tourists are approach the Dubai without any break. The desert land receives countless tourists every night at the Dubai Airport. That’s why Air Blue Flight Booking or all other flights to the UAE are filled with the House full sign, especially for those passengers who just buy the ticket few hours ago. If you really want to explore the high skyscraper land, then you follow our company’s advance booking strategies that are, you should reserve flights almost 2 or 3 months before or minimum 1 month before.

4. Get Permission Before Take Picture:

One important thing you should in your mind. The majority who travels from Lahore can stand anywhere to take pictures in the Dubai, but it’s not as easy as in the Lahore because in this city no restrictions to take pictures anywhere, but in the Dubai it’s not allowed. Yes, before taking pictures you should get permission to this act. The government buildings, military area or the airport or for any legal location picture you should have the permission.

5. Holy Ramadan Respect:

Dubai has the strict rules in the holy month of the Ramadan even for the non Muslims visitors too. The desert safari city follows the Islamic rules. Therefore, it has few strict rules in the Ramadan month for the citizen or the tourists. So, if you are exploring the city in the Islamic month of Ramadan then you should avoid drink, eat and celebration before the sunset.

6. Follow The Laws:

  • The below laws or restriction is not difficult for the Pakistanis but other-while we should share with you the specific and important laws of the Dubai with you. All the travelers whether they are Muslims or non Muslims should consciously to abide its local customs.

  • Drinking Alcohol is illegal at the public place. You just drink it in the legally registered hotels or clubs and it should allow after the 21 years of your age. A public display of affection is considered as a crime. Yes, if you hold hands, closer to each other, kiss on the public place, then you arrested on the spot and able to punishment because Dubai respect their local rules and culture.

  • In the UAE, the rude gesture and the swearing in the public place is also listed in the criminal act. So, you should avoid using this type of abuse. (Not only avoid in Dubai, in fact, anywhere in the world you shouldn’t use it).

  • Smoking at the government building, shopping Malls or any other area that is banned for smoking. There are smoking will result you the heavy fine.

7. Dress Simplicity:

  • The Dubai city has no specific dress code but far from the troubles we suggest you the modest dress in the Dubai. As above, we know that Dubai is very strict about the rules. According to that women should wear the shoulder covers and the leg cover dresses (especially down to the knee) because the tight, transparent and back or her belly show is very uncomforting for the Dubai environment. While the men are wearing shirt and long trouser all the time.

  • On the beach the bather dresses are also challenging the laws. Avoid to wearing nudity dresses on the beaches too because it is illegal.

8. Refer Famous Building To The Driver:

Might be possible the taxi which you hire to visit the city that driver don’t properly know about the address where you want to reach then you should give him reference about the famous landmark of that location. It will be easy to him and you can get leverage from the cheap transport. Yes, taxi is the affordable transport to use in the Dubai city.


All above things does not mean that the Dubai is conservative city. In fact, it’s all that to make your trip free of any hurdles. When you will well aware of all the facts of the most touristic destination, then it will be easy to stay there as long as you want. So, to get advance online reservation dial (111 147 111) and make sure your flight before the house full tag.

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