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Things You Should Keep In Mind While Traveling To China


China had opened its doors to the world in the ’70s, and since then, it has experienced a period of astonishing growth and prosperity. Now, more and more foreign tourists are visiting China by China Southern Airlines to experience the rich history and to catch a glimpse of its shining future.

It is no surprise that China allures millions of tourists each year. The ancient wonders, provocative cuisine, historical monuments, and the top-notch enterprise system can impress even the deaf and the blind. Also, the significance of the Great Wall of China is so unparalleled that describing it in words is near to impossible.

Even though the modernization of the country has streamlined the tourism activities, there are still some hurdles that might cause inconvenience for the people who are unprepared and unaware. This piece is intended to tell the people about the pivotal things that they must need to know before visiting this beautiful yet challenging country. Unquestionably, keeping these things in mind will prepare you for unexpected circumstances.

Cultural Etiquette:

China is a reserved society, and foreigners mustn't spoil Chinese traditions. While meeting the Chinese people for the first time, try to be somewhat formal. Instead of hugging, go for a gentle handshake. Chinese people find it uncomfortable when a stranger tries to hug or kiss them. Similarly, do not show off and avoid open displays of love and affection.

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Carry Your Passport All the Time:

While roaming around, make sure that you are carrying your passport or at least the photocopy of the passport. It is due to the reason that after noticing your foreign attire and physique, the police might demand you about your personal credentials. If you do not have anything to show to them, or if your visa is expired, then you would be in big trouble. So, keep yourself prepared for unexpected official questions.

You Will Always Be Served With Hot Water:

Chinese love hot water and tea. Even at the lavish hotels, you will have a hard time finding bottled or cold water. Similarly, no meal is complete unless it is served with hot water. It is widely believed in China that consuming hot boiled water increases one’s ability to counter the disease. So, it is best to bring your own bottled water; otherwise, you will be negotiating for days but would still not get even the sight of cold water!

VPN Is A Must:

As soon as you land in the country after booking a PIA Online Ticket, you would not be able to access the major websites, including Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. Due to the cold war between the communist regime and the west, it is the policy of the Chinese government not to allow any western sites in their country. You can only access these platforms if you have a good VPN installed on your mobile or laptop. So, never forget to install a VPN to connect with your friends in China.

Regulations For Students:

The Chinese policies are severe towards international students, and you might get expelled from the Chinese institutes in case of the violation of the rules. If you have a study visa, then strictly adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Never take part in any political activity either inside or outside the institute.
  • You would be instantly expelled if you are found to be involved in any brawl.
  • Never violate any traffic rules.
  • Do not take pictures of crime scenes or police activities.
  • Never raise funds.

Language Barrier:

Even though the new generation of China is learning English, you will not be able to communicate with the older ones in a foreign language. It would be a blessing if you are able to find a native Chinese who could understand English. So, it is essential to tackle the language barrier smartly. You can either hire a tour guide or install the translator app to communicate conveniently.

Unpredictable Weather:

Nobody can really predict the weather in China. At one moment, it might be sunny, while on the other; you might be experiencing heavy rainfall. Generally, summers are hotter as the temperature can go up to 40oC. However, the winters can be severe, given the temperature could go as low as -20oC. Additionally, smog has recently become a major problem in various cities in China. Therefore, bringing a good jacket, air pollution mask, umbrella, or plastic poncho can save you from unnecessary impediments.

Bottom Line:

China is a massive country with a diverse history and strict culture. If you go to China by keeping the above-mentioned things in mind, then it would be the most unforgettable itinerary of your life.

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