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PM Stresses To Promote Tourism In Pakistan


With the pleasant winter morning vibes (leads hundreds of the overseas and the national boundaries’ destinations, seasonal tour packages, group discounted packaged with the online e-ticket facility that can reserve in the advance booking process without face any delay) bring the stunning breaking news for the Pakistan. As all of you knew it, that we always try to introduce the comfortable journey sources for the passengers with the travel Packages, but today, we are sharing with the you the most ardent news that will be generate great revenue for our country.

The Prime Ministry of Pakistan emphases to promote the tourism sector of Pakistan for his first day. As he took action to added new aircraft in the PIA Airlines and resumes many flights once again. He believed that healthy growth in the tourism sector listed us in the elite class countries or dependent countries. No doubt, the small drops collections turn into the ocean. As same like tourism sector is among that drops, which should be improved in Asia’s country Pakistan. So, let’s move ahead towards its meeting, in which he just stressed to promote the tourism.

Meeting Attendants:

The 5th December 2019 meeting with the PM of Pakistan was attended by the Punjab Chief Minister, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister, KPK Minister, Pakistan’s overseas Special Assistant & HR development, information Broad Casting Assistant and all the senior official officers and during the confidential meeting, participants show their interest and seriously reviewed all the progress report thus far in realizing the improvement in tourism.

In which PM stated that “the greater coordination should be essential in between the Provincial government and federal government to fully capitalize on our country’s tourism potential.”

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Prime Minister’s Statements To Promote Touristic Sector:

  • The PM shares with the participants that the international investors shoe their interest to invest in the funding of the development of the Pakistan’s tourism by giving the example of the different countries of the world such as; Switzerland, Turkey and Malaysia because all these countries generate a handsome yearly revenue from its tourist sectors. He said that while, our country has rich tourist’s opportunities because we having thrilling adventure land, mountain tourism points, religious and spiritual places and desert exploring too.

  • He also stated that the government houses should utilize as a source of earning that is built by the taxpayer’s money and confess the Pakistan is actually the most attractive destination in the international tourism map due to its breathtaking sites and astonishing landscape. He suggests, must invest on this potential to infrastructure development.

  • He echoed his government’s commitment, noting Punjab and the parts of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa could especially benefit religious tourism. He was also informed that efforts were underway to organize overseas tourism conference in our country and the special facilities were being organized for monks at Peshawar Museum. As, the Sikh tourists were being facilitated for exploring the parts of KPk.

  • To promoting the meeting about the tourism sector, he also said that to supervise the renovation of the existing touristic infrastructure should be formed single body that overview all the things. He also recommend to focus on developing tourism nationwide, as focusing on Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and the northern areas came with seasonal constraints.

  • He also said that availing the tourism potential or sites could help in generating handsome revenue, introduce jobs, and create new economic activities to contribute toward the country’s socioeconomic development and also urged the team that special touristic apps would also be introduced for the facilitate of tourists.


Definitely, it is very beneficial in the economic growth of Pakistan. When our domestic tourism sector would be improved then the tourists prefer to approach here with the Cheap Flights reservation. You would have lots of options for the domestic travel even international foreigners also enjoying to traveling in Pakistan. For further information relevant to travel or the tourism you can visit our website.

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