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How Traveling Makes You An Author?


Yes, today we will guides you that how traveling become you an Author? From the word Author our viewers fall in thought that why we don’t use the word of writer while, traveling also can make a best writer.  Take it easy, we will tell you about the difference between author and writer? Because our purpose not just advertising our website, infect our aim is to aware people from all aspects of life and knowledge. We faith on it that:

“When We Spread Knowledge In Our Surrounding Then It Increase More”

The quite difference between Author and writer is:  the writer writes other’s views and ideas by using different styles while Author writes its own thoughts, learning, and his own point of views. That’s why we say that you can become an Author because you can polish your own views, knowledge and perspective from traveling. Therefore we say Author because just imagine if you will go on International Flights from Lahore to New York, then visit all around and famous places of New-York, meet people and clear your perspective that you heard or think about this city.

Let’s discuss the points for becoming author from passenger.


When you reach on your decided location, then you visit all the sites which are most famous there then during visiting you inspired from many things there. You see many thinks which give you new information.

Speaking Sites:

I know from heading all of you shocked that which type of sites speaking? May some views attract you and say you something to you. Don’t shocked, because it’s a true that some places where a dark quietness live, sometime speaks to you, share with you its story, your soul can hear it which give you only your views which can’t understand any other one.

Bad & Good Experience:

It’s not compulsory that during the journey your experience also bad as other one experience. May be that one happening will mark you good but other take that bad. Such as: you and your friend buy cheap airline tickets at same place and same flight but may be its expensive for your friend but it’s an affordable for you. And you write or share your own experience in your book.

Polish Learning:

Its mean is very simple that it’s obvious that every single person learn about traveling location but when physically existence appear there then he learn something new according  his sense. In this way he/she polish its learning by practically experience.


In all over article we try to tell you that when you go on traveling, you learn purely by self. You will share with your friends and write in novel books your own ideas or opinion which is Author’s habits.

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