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Faremakers With Kashmir Day In 2019


As all knew it that Kashmir Day observe in over the Pakistan on 5th February every year. This year Pakistan’s first online travel company and its team who are true patriots with the proud, show support and unity on Kashmiri (brothers) ongoing struggle for getting independence from the India at 5 February 2019 (Tuesday), and give tribute to the Kashmir Martyred and also observe one minute silence in the honor of them who welcomed death for getting the freedom, they faced many persecutions. Our country can’t take peace breather until we get freedom for them and even Pak-homeland actively castigate (criticized) the atrocities & cruelty of India’s Border Security Force in Kashmir.

Public Holiday:

This day known as the Kashmir Solidarity Day by the Nawaz Sharif who was the opposition leader of Pakistan and in his government he said to the entire nation that “pray to Kashmir freedom movement’s success”. On this day common holiday announced in all public and private sectors (all banks, schools, higher education institutions, many companies and etc). This day recognized at the international level. Many streets or roads blocked for the procession of Kashmir day but public transport available on the roads.

Kashmiri Not Alone:

Kashmir Day is of specific political significance to politicians and religious parties in Pakistan and Azad jumbo Kashmir. Strikes, Protests and seminars are held by religious and opposition parties, in which their head speak up for the Kashmir and try to encourage for continue the struggle for getting rid from the India’s occupied. They raised slogan to support the Kashmir issue and express sympathy for them.

Quaid-e- Azam Says:

“Kashmir Is The Aorta (Jugular Vein) Of Pakistan And No Nation Can Allow Its Jugular Vein To Be Held By The Enemy”

O other side, many people from the Pakistani nation making a human chain by grasps their hands on the routes from Pakistan to Kashmir. This spectacles is the symbolize the solidarity that kashmiris are not alone in this struggle, all nation with them. And one day we will get freedom and take out our Kashmir safely from the India gripper, Insha-Allah.

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