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Let's Celebrate International Women's Day 2019


Hello to all the ladies of the world! Today, Pakistan’s first online travel company pays congratulations on 8th march 2019 to all the women of the world because you all are the strengthened of our nations. “We pay special tribute to Fatima Jinnah who stood steadfastly beside her Brother in his struggle for Pakistan”. In 1975 the United Nation celebrated the international women day on 8th March. International women’s day celebrated in all the countries of the world. This was a day when world accepted that there is no discrimination between the women and men. Females also have equal rights as well males have to live in the world or society. Women knows for their achievement without regards to division, ethnics, linguistic, cultural, whether national, economically or politically.

Learn About This Day:

We reaffirm our commitment to ensuring women a secure and enabling environment to play their obvious rightful role in our nation’s development. This day is the chance to showing mother, sister and wife (fiance) how much you love, care, respect and honors them. In our world many regions are found where females are still forced to deal with in-equality even on daily basis, it day is meant to spread awareness of the struggles faced by these women and raise awareness of women’s rights.

“Every Men Needs A Women When His Life Is A Mess Because Just Like The Game Of Chess, The Queen Protects The King”

Muslim’s History:

If you open the pages of Muslim’s histories then you will know that before coming Islam the Arabian buried their female’s babies and make a target of cruelty of their wives. But our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) ordered to all the humans to give respects the women; don’t put cruelty or harshness on it. The holy Prophet says:

Treat Women Well, For They Have Been Created From A Rib. The Rib Is Most Curved In Its Upper Part, So That If You Try To Straighten It Out, It Will Break, But If You Leave It As It Is, It Will Remain Intact. Therefore, Follow My Advice On Giving Fair Treatment To Women” (Sahih Bukhari, Kitab An-Nikah)

Deals of Women’s Day:

We offer best women day travel deals on this international women day because women are the backbone of our lives or societies. Every man must celebrate this occasion with their females and appreciate them for caring and loving even perform their duties very responsively with-out any arguing. Let’s come on our website reserve your flight and get leverage form the cheap fares or you can book your tickets by calling (0800 00747) our customer care team any time because we are active 24/7 to help you.

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