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Spend One Week In Istanbul


Istanbul is the independent most visited city of the turkey by the global tourists due to its historical heritage and the combination of western and eastern culture. Epic Sunset around Bosporus Cruise, far off sounds of Azaan (Mosque Bell), picturesque minarets and cute fur wear cats – this is Istanbul. The city has countless new experiences even long year residential also explored something new on every trip. Turkey is one of those countries who bestow their own flag carrier airlines and this also have world best Turkish airline that approaches 304 destinations. Many customers asked that they have 7 day tour in turkey city Istanbul but they are enable to decide how to cash these days enjoy-fully? So don’t be worry because designs your Istanbul travel literary under observing a week. Istanbul is very famous due to its attraction sites and natural sea’s beauty. Let’s move to the point which guide to the passengers to spend 7 days in Istanbul but it has been draw very carefully so that you get proper taste of this city and cover all major spots with-in few days.

Sultanahmet Square:

Tourist starts their visited walk from there when they start to explore Istanbul. This is one of the most popular attraction spot. There are many restaurants with hygienic and delicious taste of different variety food. Many other attractions also calling you like Serpant Column, Blue Mosquee( it known blue because of its interior tiles are blue colour painted), Hagia Sophia( now turn into the Museum that show the historic and architectural skills), Obelisk of Thutmose III and German fountain. You should go for looking these attractions to know the Istanbul..

Topkapi Palace:

It is the administrative headquarter of the Ottoman Empire, its shows the historic royalty of Turkish Empires. This palace interior is too much royal and expensive on the other words it’s very antique that tells its expensive stories. Most interesting panoramic view from this palace is to see the Marmara Sea, which looks like a symbol of peace. Its gardens full of green trees but some are victim of fungus. This palace has 4 big Courtyards.

Galata Tower:

Galata tower is of the most attractive site of the Istanbul tourist destination its look very confidential because its stand very proudly on the height of 54 feet. It is fully made from stones and it has 9 floors or 2 lifts that bring you up till 7th floors above 2 next floors you will move your-self. From its top you can see almost 360 degree far that visit you all the Istanbul because you can see from it Bosporus seas, the Golden Horn, the Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and other landmarks. You will not able to stay on the top due to huge crowd and the tower closing timing is 8pm while restaurants remain open till late night.

Bosphorus View:

This site is very speculators, its one side has Asia and other side has East. This is point where East meets with west. This is most visited location in the Istanbul people buy tickets for the Cruise. You will have opportunity to take beautiful photos and walk. You will spend unforgettable time there, group of friends, families and tourist group came there to collect some new experiences with new memories that never seen before.

Grand Bazaar for Shopping:

This is one of the old and biggest markets that have almost 61 streets and 400 stalls, this is the significance of Turkish taste and culture even also represents the historic view of Turkish life. There are many streets that you can explore by walking around the markets. It’s very interesting place for the shopping and during buy things if hunger calling you then you can even enjoy tasty appetite mouthwatering lunch. All the shops are colorful and materials are so fine and quite branded.

Hamam Houses/Massage Center:

Then you will move towards hamam massage for relaxing yourself that are traditional bath houses. You will find many hamams. It’s very curiosity thing that every one want to try it once to the Istanbul tours, it’s one of the Turkish traditions that there are many massage centre or hamam, these were establish for the purpose of traditions, religious purpose and all were made with marble and prices start from the 30 liras and expensive hamam is start from 30 Euros. It’s very unique thing that enjoy in this country. “Once I saw Turkish Drama in which they showed the Turkish wedding culture, before wedding nights they were celebrate bridal shower by hiring Hamam and enjoy a lot celebration”.

Princes’ Islands:

It’s a Princes islands not a princess Islands, group of 9 Islands in the Istanbul form the Asian side, they are named because during the Era of Ottoman early times and the Byzantine the banish princes and monks sent here. When you approach there you will feel that you are still stood decades back and there no move ahead, its real historic and cultural site for tourists. This site is very peaceful because the motor vehicles are banned come there and land free from all noise sounds only horses and cats found there. This is best place to spent leisure and soundless time to give peace your body and move back early time flash back.

Many further more visited attraction sites are found in Istanbul but we mention above some are more famous that you can easily covered in your 7 days tour and all you done with joy and almost get all ingredient that make Istanbul more beautiful and one of the largest European city.

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