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Best Part of Your Journey-Stopover In Istanbul


Turkish airlines one of the world-famous airlines that give it best services along their cabin crew to the passengers. It approaches many final destinations like USA, Europe and many others by crossing stop-over. Now we will discuss about Turkish airlines most popular and alluring European one of largest city stop-over, none of other than (its Istanbul), it is major stop-over of this airline that help you to get new experience that are totally free. Yes, Istanbul stopover is totally free. We are going to clear you, what is stop-over? Stop-over is that station or plat-form where flights or passengers take rest before landing on final destination. May be passengers spend more than 20 hours on this beautiful stop or 1 day, so let’s cash this stop-over before approaching assign location (Manzil).

How Stop-over work:

You can easily get benefit from stopover free accommodation service by sending an e-mail to the mail address in the table according to your departure point stating your name & surname, reservation code (PNR) or ticket number, date range for the anticipated accommodation, preferred room type (single, double or triple), telephone and e-mail address two days before your first flight.

Free Tour:

Yes you read absolutely right! No cost consume on it. Let’s suppose traveler book cheap air tickets for any USA destination and you takes its flight, Turkish airline must take stop-over that is called Istanbul the sun rising, historical scenes where East meet West as a dreamy charming looks. Your stay there almost 20 hours this the best time when you can explore the beauty and historic adventure of both cultures. No money consume on this tour, it’s purely free no extra charges you paid except your final destination fares. You can visit Istanbul streets, taste their delicious cuisine, and learn about their combination of culture, well familiar Turkish language, new fashion sense you will gain, different looks of shop that decorate like a Barbie land. It’s all tour free for the Turkish travelers.

Istanbul Tradition:

You have enough time, no need to stay at airport for the next flight as an idle, infect you should get up and enjoy free Istanbul. Meet the taste of Istanbul that is totally different from other destinations as we told you it’s the bridge of two different cultures. Therefore lots of historic collections you will find there that are converting according to Modern era. Such as Most interesting you must visit there Massage rooms and get Massage for relaxing and be ready for next journey with fresh soul. It’s a old tradition that moved came from the Ottoman era and even its still used in this modern age with providing new furnished marble and mirror made interior. This is also biggest opportunity that Turkish airline gives to its passenger during the stay of its fascinating city where all passengers can get all taste of its life and adventure in free of cost.

Free Accommodation:

Turkish airline is best server provider in airline industry that makes its name as a brand count-list by the excellent service or behavior towards passengers. This not only provide free Istanbul trip even passenger can take rest in hotels, now let’s suppose other example if any passenger reserve seats from NEW-YORK to Lahore on Turkish Flight via Istanbul and wan to stay in Istanbul then free accommodation provide him/her according to the term and conditions.

Turkey Visa:

Turkish required visas for citizens of many countries and to ensure the easiest entry process, it’s best to get one well in advance. You can read up on everything you need to apply online at the Turkey visa website. U.S. citizens would pay fewer $ for entry visa, and can do so online. It’s the same for most countries and the process is quick and easy! Good to know.

Final Destination:

After walking and meet to Istanbul that is the heart beat of Turkey country you have take your flight to continue your journey by collecting lots of memories and images of free Istanbul exploring. Your final journey may be New-York to Lahore or USA destination (any) via Istanbul. These destinations we used as an example you can move any other destination which you like or where you want to go for the purpose of work, attend any event, spend holidays or meet your friend and families, it’s all your choice we just provide you save travel plan with many benefits. If you also want to enjoy Istanbul stop over without paying extra money then you must get leverage of free tour through travel in Turkish airline.

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