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Istanbul - A Heaven Of Modern Art


Istanbul is one of the cultural hot-spots of the world. It is the bridge between the Western and Eastern culture, the galleries in this city praise the art of Turkish artists and outsider artists also, these museum show tell the history of turkey in modern way. These galleries tell us about the beauty of Istanbul (Turkey) because in these art explain both cultures and their traditions. Muslims should come there through Cheap Turkish Airlines Flights to meet their past culture and even know about the peoples who live in Istanbul. Turkey’s best largest art galleries organized in the Istanbul, tourists came there around the world to appreciate the coolest artist on this land. So, are you ready to visit some most important galleries, which make Istanbul’s modern art splendid? Let’s talk about the modern art galleries of Istanbul that looks like a heaven peace on the earth.

  • Istanbul Modern
  • Rodeo
  • Pilot Gallery
  • Apel Gallery
  • The Elgiz Collection
  • Galerist
  • Modern library

Istanbul Modern:

This museum was founded in 2004 as a first art museum. The European bank of the Bosporus in the Karakoy district, the Istanbul Modern is the perfect place to start an adventure into the city’s modern art views. A current (recently) show of the work of pioneering Turkish photographer Şahin Kaygun was a cheerful celebration of artistic innovation, the gallery’s permanent exhibition charting the rise and struggles of artists over the last century. The culture lovers and other art lovers must visit it once in Istanbul trip.


Rodeo is treated one of the most boasting art spaces in Istanbul, displaying high-quality art and an international, avant-garde awareness. Curator Sylvia Kouvali started off representing artists from Turkey, Greece and Cyprus before moving into other regional and then international shows. Here you'll find everything from original installations comprised of dozens of related water colors, ready-made pieces taken from old books and picture (snaps) albums. Know where to look and you might hear about extremely cutting-edge performances, like multidisciplinary artist Cevdet Erek, rubbing a carpet hung on the wall looks like a silk clothes.

Pilot Gallery:

Pilot Gallery has strong connections to the other side of the popular Istanbul crossroads, representing several major artists from Eastern Turkey as well as South Russian-born Bashir Borlakov, and Hamara Abbas from Kuwait. Here you'll find an array of artistically-designed spaces, who considered the home to plenty of thoughtful projects.

Apel Gallery:

This is one of the most visiting by locals and outsiders too. This gallery represents appearance modern artists, both international and Turkish. The gallery was eastablished in 1998 and is notable for its thematic exhibitions that unite the work of various practitioners. Apel feels both modern and historic. The owner of the gallery (Nuran Terzioglu) was the former gallery director of Ankara and Urart art galleries. She has been an authoritative level in Istanbul’s modern art scene.

The Elgiz Collection:

In 2001 the Elgiz collection founded by the Sevda and Can Elgiz. It is still entirely run and maintained by the philanthropic Elgiz family, who are likely to be found in the gallery and willing to tell the stories behind some of the incredible items that make up their collection, such as this piece by Abdurrahman Oztoprak who inspired the family to begin collecting.


Powder colored wall paintings as part of its pledge that not to erase (remove) the past from the future. Modern works hang with Istanbul’s history. Showing until the first week of June is Hand of the Artist, a solo exhibition of works by Ayca Telgeren. Telgeren’s tactile hand-cut works explores the future of collective awareness and the competitor of the self in a collection that is both fun and fulfilling.

Modern Library (Istanbul):

In this library a huge collection of books around 9000 books and 29 national and international periodical subscriptions that are specializing in Turkish art and related subjects. Lots of books available there only for you, gain more knowledge that helpful for you according to modern era and even reflection of decades ago. Different color of books and different stories make it very popular and its interior fall you in faint with it. According to many images you will see that many books paste on its roof (unique master design). It is one of the most beautiful fascinating libraries on the earth portion Istanbul.

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