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Secret Tourist Do And Don’ts Of Travelling For New York!


Do you plan your next trip from Lahore To New York city as a tourist? If your reply is Yes, then I like to share with you some do and don’t tips for this marvelous metropolis, because New York City is one of the dreamy lands of everyone, its name already explains its reason that why this destination rule on every individual heart and no one say no to going to NYC. The second name of this city is hustle and bustle, yes, it’s true, this is most crowded especially in summer break and holiday season. Every year a large number of tourists came to explore it with a new vision. Its sightseeing, lighting streets, broad-way, challenging, and non-stop moving forced people to land on it. We can say it “the city of lights.” All these things make it so special, no matter how long you live there because you can’t feel like you get bored there, always feel like a tourists who explore every day something new. This is one of the exhilarating and hardest cities you will live in ever but if you survive once then you will never able to live anywhere else. So, let’s get points, what things do and what don’ts in NYC.

1. Get Best Flight Deals:

For visiting New York first you should reserve flight in cheap air tickets or prefer to get flight deals like Qatar Airways From Lahore is best for traveling. So do follow best airlines which make your travel more comfortable.

2. Don’t Miss Museums:

In this city you see many fabulous and fascinating museums, the best part of the museum is that most of free in the specific days. So, you do not miss theses free days to visit the museum. These days if you visit then you get lots of fun and always remember in your life memories list.

3. Governor’s Island:

It is a small island that only 7 min away from Lower Manhattan by Ferry. Tourists will experience the fantastic views of Skyline and the ferry ticket is very cheap even for adults. If you get experience any kind of recreational activity possible then it is like a playground for kids and adults.

4. Don’t Spend Time On ESB:

ESB stand for Empire State Building, do not need to spend hours on it. Don't waste a NY minute standing in line for the elevator to the top, because view of the city that's just as good right around the corner.

5. Go Gorgeous Central Park:

It is one of the most filmed locations in the world. It has gorgeous views; it is most visited Urban Park of the United State. Every traveler must visit it once in trip and enjoy the natural garden with fresh air.

6. Don’t Buy Full Tickets:

Many people buy show’s tickets at the very high rate because they do not well aware of the discounted way. But you do not follow this way, because the discounted way is mentioned there only for you. You should buy Tickets only for the discounted Broadway and enjoy very happily.

7. Do Go Sightseeing Places:

There are plenty of things to see in the fast paced city. Many tourist locations are available where you go easily in very cheap fares, many café’s, restaurants and playing garden for children waiting you.

8. Don’t Miss A Discount On Shopping:

No doubt, there are lots of shopping Malls available for you and all have good quality products. As everyone knew it that, shopping is necessary in the trips. So, you should approach on the shops, especially which offer discounts on products. Do not miss any discount shopping because it helps you to save your huge amount of money that you can spend on other activities.

9. Use Public Transport:

Where you want to go no matter, but you should use public transport because there is plenty of public transport that pick and drop passenger on their stops very happily and with comfortable.

10. Don’t Use Expensive Dining:

New York City has countless restaurants which offer endless cuisine according to taste. Some are more expensive and some little bit cheaper. So you should use that restaurant that according your taste and your budget because when you go on traveling, then you are out of your comfort zone. Therefore, more care you needed. Do not avoid trying pizza because it is too much yummy in very cheap price.

11. Do Care From Edge Of Vehicles:

It is minor tips that use for aware you, do not stand on the edge of the train track. Do not run behind the any transport because New York Streets are too much crowded from the transport. Hold your bag and phones carefully.

12. Time Square Don’t Visiting Afternoon:

Every visitor they are local citizens or outsiders, must visit, time square in the daytime and at the night time. The atmosphere is so lovely and beautiful in both times.

13. Use Google Map:

When you go to the parks or any attraction site then you must use Google maps. It will help you to reach the appropriate location, but sometimes it takes second to give results due to the towers and office buildings. If you want to ask NYC citizens, then you ask them quickly because they don’t give proper time to the tourists due to the busy routine.

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