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Can Pakistan Become No.1 Tourism Destination?

pakistan-tourism stand in-front of you with the title of the “Can Pakistan become no.1 tourism destination?” after read it, we knew it that all say yes, of-course, infect Pakistan is the No. 1 Tourism Destination. But we would like to explain it for our international customers, who do not proper know about Pakistan. Because we want the entire world know Pakistan beauty and must visit it once his/her life with Cheap Flight Deals that offers only on our website First we are going to clear, what is tourism destination? What aspects must have in the destinations which make it tourism location?

“The destination where outsiders come to visit, explore its historic, culture and traditions, amusement with its natural beauty, enjoy the cuisine, feel different from other destinations.” We try to tell you in simple for your understanding. Now let’s discuss which attributes can become Pakistan No.1 destination.

Culture & Traditions:

Pakistan made up of all caste people like; Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi, Makrani, Hazara, Pakhtoon, Siraiki, Lahore and many more. All these different background people bring diversities and a part of Pakistan. Therefore, this country has different cultures and traditions, all cultures & traditions bring their unique heritage. There are no match with other countries of Pakistanis Handcraft, brass plates, ajrak, wood carving, marble carving, Khusa (footwear) and lots of more. When Tourists came to Pakistan, then they bring the above items with them as a great memory.

Religious Sightseeing:

Tourism industry grown faster in Pakistan and this is very good for the economy. The large number of tourists visited the Pakistan and appreciates its religious attraction sights. Yes, Pakistan has rich religious locations in all around the country. The Sufi trail rises from Sindh, not only Islamic buildings exist, but Pakistan is also the birthplace of Sikhism and the travels of Guru Nanak. Many of the Hindus’ sites are located in this country as well as some places of Buddhist culture.


Pakistan is famous for its delicious cuisine. We are sharing with you some of the mouth-watering dishes founded by Pakistanis, such as; Biryani, Pulao, Lassi, Daal, Haleem, Hareesa, Halwa Puri, Kebab, Karahi, Naan, Raita, Nehari, and so many more. We can’t share with you all dishes, but all that knew it who visited Pakistan. For example; Binsky Drew, Eva Zu Beck and Jordan Taylor, they are aware with the Pakistani taste and its buds want to again come back to eat the foods.

Pakistan Weather:

Now we talk about the Pakistan’s weather. Pakistan is that country, which blessed with four seasons and is this reason that’s why people wants to come Pakistan to enjoy the different look of Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring. While the whole year this pure land look like very stunning and new due to the climate turning, this is the most pretty and attractive look of Pakistan. Once you land on Pakistan then Serene Air provide you best services for the domestic tourism traveling. No one can beat beauty of the Pakistan.


Pakistan cities also have famous beaches because the Arabian Sea touches the coastline of provinces Balochistan and Sindh. The prominent beaches of Sindh are the Clifton beach and Hawke’s Bay, while the Balochistan includes Astora Island, Manora beach and Gwadar beach. All these make them Pakistan compete able as a tourist destination with the other countries.


Pakistan also has the forests and the mountains or mountains peak. Some of the famous mountain written there, Hindu Kush, Karakoram, Himalaya, Nanga Parbat, Rakha Poshi and the second highest peak of the world is K2. All these put more glitters in the beauty of the Pakistan.


Many people do not aware with the ski resort of Pakistan. The name high altitude places like Malam Jabba, Skardu, Astore, Hunza, Deosai and Naltar, all these formed just the enjoyment of the tourists or the locals. National and International level skiing competitions are also held in these areas.

“Due to all above attributes, Pakistan can become No. 1 tourist destination.”

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