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How Can Tourism Contribute To Economic Growth Of Pakistan?

tourism-growth-pakistan decided to aware its customers from the importance of the tourism sector. How much tourism important, even for our country’s economy? Yes, it is directly groomed our economy with ourselves. Firstly, review the theme of tourism in few words. “The tourism is the travel to refresh itself from the exotic circumstances, travel for pleasuring, visit sightseeing locations and enjoy every single moment to know about something new, gaining lots of knowledge, this is a minor introduction of the tourism”. Every year a large number of to tourist comes to Pakistan to visit its natural beauty and finally they fall in its beauty love.

Economy Of Pakistan:

Tourism sector is rapidly growing in Pakistan and it imposes very good effect on our country economy. Due to the growing of this sector Pakistan economy improves day by day in positive curve. Travel and tourism industry contribute a very handsome amount in the Pakistan economy that is a fabulous step in the development of Pakistan. In 2018 almost 5.8% increase in the GDP of country from the 7.6% 2017, and it predicted that travel and tourism will be contribute about 1 trillion coming future in the Pakistan economy. It is a very impressive prediction that will be favorable for us.

Steps Taken By Govt. Of Pakistan For Tourism:

After deeply analysis of growing the travel tourism awareness in Pakistan, Government take very crucial initiative that provide lots of opportunity to all the tourist or visitors who come to Pakistan for purpose of spend holidays and tourism, almost 1.9million tourists come to Pakistan with Cheap Flight Deals for the visiting, it is very proud fact for all the nations. Therefore, govt. is planning to revive more than 55 countries allow visa to visit Pakistan. They improve policies and maintain some rules and regulation for the security and safety purpose of the tourist. Better development steps taken to provide secure and modern environment to the outsider that are fully rich natural beauty and resources.

International Support For Pakistan In Tourism:

All international countries ready to cooperate with Pakistan or the tourism industry boost as an international level. The British backpacker society admit that Pakistan is the top adventure place in the world, because it has diverse land, plenty of culture and historical sites, promote its different region tradition very finely. Even Saudia, Qatar and Malaysia have given confidence that they are with Pakistan in the support of travel and tourism betterment and China is always standing with Pakistan in any situation, not only countries even many international bloggers visited our country and promote its picture on social media with confess that Pakistan is very beautiful and people are very hospitable with foreigners and each other.

Tourism Places:

There are some of the famous tourist destinations in the Pakistan, which make it more famous in all around the world.

Naran Kagan (Ansu lake), Hunza Valley, Lahore Fort, Hawk’s bay (Karachi), PAF Museum (Karachi), Ratti Gali Lake (Azad Kashmir),Kalam (Swat), Deosai National Park, Wazir Khan Mosque, Minar e Pakistan, Margalla Hill ( Islamabad), Nathia Gali (Khyber Phaktukhan), Mohatta Palace (Karachi), Katas Raj temple (Chakwal) & Kalash Valley and lots of other places.


Now we conclude this topic by sharing few words, no doubt travel and tourism enhance our country growth, which is really good for the country’s welfare. Now Pakistan considered the top adventurous destination of the world because of its countless attraction sites, different traditions, the universal beauty, hospitality and many more features. In this improvement our company also takes a part for the clients by providing Serene Air tickets facilities. Many outsiders came to Pakistan after land on this land they can use this airline for the domestic travel. For the further details you can call us on our toll free number 0800 00747 because make you travel safe and sound is our first priority.

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