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6 Interesting Things You Should Know About Lahore


LAHORE is the largest city of Pakistan and it is the capital of province Punjab. Lahore is famous with the name of the city of Garden because it has many Parks and Gardens that represent its beauty. Lahore has rich due to its historic culture, brilliant architectural talents, interesting museums, attraction sites for tourists. In short, every nook of this city tells own its beauty, early stories that directly impose on the hearts and attract lots of tourist to visit it every year. Because visitors impressed with the friendly people of this city, authentic traditions, mightiest mountain and it becomes now the best adventurous or visiting place for the foreigners and for the domestic visitors. No one can forget the taste of the street food, big buildings and endless love with this city. Much time you might be hear people saying “Lahore Lahore hai”. brings essential information about the Lahore that helps you to plan your domestic trip with Serene Airline (best domestic flight that provides perfect services). Might be possible this is your first trip to LAHORE, but you not need to worry about it. This post will help you to prepare yourself for the adventurous life of this city; there some important things that you follow it properly, and then your trip become the perfect. We are sharing with you some amazing and awesome things about the Lahore.

1. Lahore Gets Its Name:

Today research started from the Lahore name. Yes, obviously every famous name derived from any particular action or incident or may due to any personality popularity. Therefore, Lahore is also derived from one famous personality, Lahore comes from LUV. LUV was the son of Lord Rama, its mention in grand Hindu’s myth of Ramayan. Many people did not aware from it; you are the few of them who actually, know about the Lahore reality. Now you can get popularity by asking this depth of history to others.

2. Moti Masjid:

Moti Masjid is one of the spiritual mosques that were built by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir in the Fort. This mosque is more famous from other mosques because it is built up in Shahi Qila Lahore with small white marble, in which king and his companions offered prayers and recites verses of Holy Quran. In this mosque people offer special nawafil in the sake of fulfill their desire as soon.

3. Mochi Gate:

Mochi Gate famous in India and Pakistan with the Mochi Darwaza, it was built during reign of the Mughal Emperor. There are shops of Kites, firework, dried fruits and many others. This gate was famous with the mocha because there were shops of cobblers and the repairing of shoes. That time of old muhllas, carved buildings and shops still remain and give the flashback of the Mughal time period. Mostly Karachi citizen especially reserve Karachi To Lahore Flights from to visit old Lahore and try to know its history in depth.

4. 16 Dialects:

One city, but more than 16 dialects, it is very interesting and shocking fact, may be not everyone believe on it. But it’s really true, Lahore is the diverse city, as above mention it is fully covered with the variety of tradition and culture. That’s why this city has many dialects that represent only love with Lahore. Some of the dialects are; Darhab, Pothohari, Chhachi, Shapuri, Jhangochi, Rachnavi, Chenavari, Thalochi, Hindko, Dhani, Jandali, Multani/Saraiki, Derawali, Riasti, Ghebi, Majhi.

5. Contribution Of Mr. Ganga Ram:

Mr. Ganga Ram was the Indian Civil engineer and architecture. He was a very talented person. He gets the title of “the father of modern Lahore” because his architecture contribution makes the Lahore very impressive and pretty, most of the buildings are in Mall Road, Lahore, like; General Post Office, Lahore Museum, Ganga Ram Hospital, Lady Mclagan Girls High School, the chemistry department of the Government College University, the Albert Victor wing of Mayo Hospital, Sir Ganga Ram High School, Hailey College of Commerce, Ganga Ram Trust.

6. Wazir Khan Mosque:

Wazir Khan Mosque has gained popularity in the world over the years. The reason is that, it’s unique and stunning architecture. In modern era, it becomes one of top tourist spot for a photo shot in Lahore.

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