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Travel To Explore The Oldest City In The World - Jericho


Pakistan’s first online travel company is one of that which earn all possibilities and trust of the customers after many struggles because our aim or concern was pure. We always try to fulfill all the requirements of the passengers and “Alhamdulillah” we did it, in the success journey time period. Therefore, our customers have blind trust on us. With the providing of Cheap Flights Ticket, we focus on the finding of appropriate information about the traveling and the global heritages, changes and coming information, now a day, if you want to survive in this modern era, you have to need to concern or connected with the social media or its rumors. Many of us have the phobia to learn about the world, its countries and the cities and we appreciate these type of personalities whom aim to learn and explore the world because when you go ahead on this exploring journey, then one day you will be able to become closer to the nature, that is the main aim of the man’s life.

Sometime you are crazy about searching the world’s location but you did not find any authentic link and you fall in disappointed situation and stop searching, but it’s not fair with your passion. Take a chill pill, and come on our website and get the entire world’s corner information material pages with full of entertained opportunities. As, today we are deciding to explore the world’s oldest city which was discussed even in the “Bible” many centuries ago around 1400 BCE. Oh! Relax, calm down, we knew it already after read about its too ancient city all of you anxiety to know its name. So, the oldest city of the world is Jericho.

Seems like an amazing information all of you. Let’s ready t explore it with Fly Dubai Ticket Price because it is the most tourist destinations due to its pleasant environment, ancient rich history that concern with the religion and most attractive, its story wrote in the bible “The city is perhaps most famous for the Biblical story of a great victory over its Canaanite citizens by the Israel’s leader named as Joshua. In the story, the protective walls (40,000 square meters and was surrounded by a stone wall 3.6 meters highest and 1.8 meters wide at the base) of the heavily build defenses round city were destroyed with divine assistance during the year 1400 B.C”. The continuing excavations have revealed the stone towers with 22 steps of stairs which are even older too. The reasons for its earliest settlements are the springs which are found in and near the city.

Jericho is the legend city of the world (you got its important and old appearance as it was came in the bible) it is located in the West Bank or Dead Sea Jordan Valley. At the modern time, Jericho is the Famous Tourist’s Destinations due to its religious significance and the fertile alive soil. This city defines its major features, this land is fertile because the water comes on its land through the mountains and supplies enough water in all over the population. It is much beautified due to the iconic Palm trees; palm trees decorate this city with its leaves beauty. This city completely natural antiquity and in a days it is famous as the Tell es- Sultan. We suggest to the visitors must write this city in your next trip plan because we sure from there you can get lots of more information about the religion and its old location. You can but tickets from our website and make sure trip of Jericho. For the further details you can call us on our toll free number (0800 00747).

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