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Whenever You Travel To Kuala Lumpur, Must Eat From These Food Streets


Kuala Lumpur is the capital city and the cultural, financial &economic centre of the Malaysia, this capital also famous as the shelter place to the Parliament of Malaysia. The majority of the global village tries to efforts to go the Kuala Lumpur especially Pakistani for the different purposes, like tourism, getting higher education, and job purposes or explore the heaven of tastes. For all these purposes, every individual required or demanded reasonable fares of PIA Ticket Price or any other airlines which not available to most of the travel agency. Relax! It’s not a big deal now a days, because Pakistan’s first online travel company come in-front of you with handsome airfare of all the flights, that you can easily get by dialing our toll-free number (0800 00747) or log in website and make sure your reservation by online with the selection of the desire able fares (because fares of different airlines show you on the screen with the flight’s names). According to the observation, tourists want to know about the food streets of this developed city because they are crazy for the taste of the Malaysia. If you will go there, definitely, you will realized about the elegant restaurants, delicious fragrance food streets with the bustle of real food lovers and the hawkers of the eating stalls, whom preparing the some of the hygienic yummiest fine famous dishes of this city, that definitely, forces you for the craving of the flavorful appetizers on the smoky streets.

Are you ready to head to some of the prime food streets at the Kuala Lumpur? Obviously! All of well prepared, let’s looking over it.

Jalan Alor:

Jalan Alor (synonyms of good food) is one of the unique food destinations; you can’t afford to miss it while you are in Kuala Lumpur. When the sun goes to down, then you will find the hustle and bustle with the different activity, lined with vibrant food stands and the fine restaurants that serve Eclectic Street palatable. This is the perfect eating spots, every class people come there to get experience delicious food items own itself.

Hutong Lot 10:

Huntong Lot 10 offers a food street setting under the cool embrace of air condition and away from the hot sun rays, there serves variety of foods like Asian, Chinese, Malaysian heritage dishes and restaurant styles on over almost 34 food stalls. The open environment design for the frankly atmosphere, don’t worry; you will not sit elbow to elbow with the strangers because there are plenty of open tables with the large area of sitting. There is serving you crunchy, yummy, mouth watering, chewy and savory in one plate.

Tapak Urban Street Dining:

The Tapak Urban Street Dining is actual the truck food street where almost 30 plus food trucks offer a variety of food items like, food Kiosk, fusion, Malaysian, Street food and the contemporary. The atmosphere of this food street is very impressive and independent and located near KLCC, golden triangle. Turkish Airlines Online Booking gives opportunity to your taste to eat appreciate able taste of the Kimchi quesadillas, frappes, pizza and the ayam penyet under the sky’s umbrella.

Petaling Street Market:

Chinatown, famous as the cheap shopping area, even this area also known as the street food stalls. The stalls such as; are Sze Ngan Chye Salted Roast Duck, Madam Tang Mua Chi Stall, Hon Kee Porridge and Koon Kee Wantan Mee have maintained their purity, hygienic quality over the years. If you want to enjoy your time with the best cuisine, then you just come there and cheer with classic flavors of the old cuisine of the Malaysia.

Taman Connaught:

This market of food or Food Street offers the Malaysian, Chinese and the Thai cuisine with high quality of food preparation. All the eats are prepared in-front of the customers or the eaters. This market has approximately 700 stalls of different necessities items and foods like char kuey Teow, laksa, fried chicken, curry noodles, satay and etc which all items are very affordable and attractive. The most interesting fact is that, this market open only one day in a week and that day is Wednesday.

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